Ballydaly Sports And Fun Sunday Poem by Francis Duggan

Ballydaly Sports And Fun Sunday

Back there in old green Ballydaly by Boggeragh hills far away
They did have their Sports and Fun Sunday on the last day of Spring and of May
From the images from there on the Millstreet Web Site not many faces I do know
Since I last lived near Ballydaly it now seems a long time ago.

Almost twenty three years since I lived near Ballydaly in the human life quite a span of time
The babes born then now young men and women and close to their physical prime
The passage of time does bring with it changes and from the images of faces from there I can say
That even in old Ballydaly I would be a stranger today.

My happy years near Ballydaly with fondness I often recall
And the old fields I loved west of Millstreet would not have changed that much at all
But people seem to age in a decade and the years on us quickly do show
We are not unlike Nature Seasons to life we come and the life from us go.

Sports and Fun Sunday in Ballydaly in the bright sunshine of the late Spring
When the hawthorns do wear their white blossoms and the nesting birds whistle and sing
Only knew six or at most seven faces from the many images from there I did see
The young generation of Ballydaly to say the least strangers to me.

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