Bars Fight Poem by Lucy Terry Prince

Bars Fight

August, twas the twenty-fifth,
Seventeen houndred forty-six,
The Indians did in ambush lay,
Some very valiant men to slay
Twas nigh unto Sam Dickinson's mill,
The Indians there five men did kill.
The names of whom I'll not leave out,
Samuel Allen like a hero foute,
And though he was so brave and bold,
His face no more shall we behold.
Eleazer Hawks was killed outright,
Before he had time to fight,
Before he did the Indians see,
Was shot and killed immediately.
Oliver Amsden he was slain,
Which caused his friends much grief pain.
Simeon Amsden they found dead
Not many rods from Oliver's head.
Adonijah Gillett, we do hear,
Did lose his life which was so dear.
John Sadler fled across the water,
And thus escaped the dreadful slaughter.
Eunice Allen see the Indians comeing
And hoped to save herself by running:
And had not her petticoats stopt her,
The awful creatures had not cotched her,
Not tommyhawked her on the head,
And left her on the ground for dead.
Young Samuel Allen, Oh! lack-a-day!
Was taken and carried to Canada.

siqiniseko mazibuko 03 May 2020

this is beautiful, not only do you get an insight on what exactly was going on at the time you also can imagine how she must've felt when the ambush happened, you an also see how she saw the Indians when she calls the 'creatures', she strips them of their human nature, and names them creatures for what they did was inhumane. they had lost their humanity

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Eric Jackson 09 February 2020

What a delightful piece that showed the rough and tumble life that they dealt with in the early development of the new land. Life then wasn't easy, for anyone.

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Melanese Worlds 11 December 2019

I'm impressed with how Lucy wrote and worded her poem. Her detail for brief descriptions give you a visual of what this ambush was like. I also wondered where did she get the skills and training needed to write a poem when during those times you weren't suppose to have reading and writing skills.

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C-Wizzle 19 September 2018


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A Whisper And A Clamor 27 October 2014

Poem of a former

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