Battles Of The Mind Poem by Vinaya Joseph

Battles Of The Mind

In the quiet hours of the night,
When shadows dance in soft moonlight,
A battle rages, fierce and bold,
In the depths where secrets unfold.

No armies clash, no banners fly,
Yet echoes of war fill the sky,
For in the mind, the fiercest fight,
A storm that churns with endless might.

Doubts and fears, like wraiths, arise,
Casting dark across the skies,
Memories, like daggers, pierce,
In this war so silent, fierce.

Courage whispers, a gentle plea,
Hope ignites, a spark set free,
In the chaos, a voice, so clear,
Guides the soul through night's frontier.

Victories won in realms unseen,
In the mind where truths convene,
The fiercest battles, fought alone,
Shape the heart, the spirit, the bone.

When dawn breaks and shadows fade,
A warrior stands, unafraid,
For though the mind's wars are untold,
They forge a strength, unbreakable, bold.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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