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Dizzy with heat,
A city prayed for shield,
Against boiling temperatures
Sun, the scoundrel


She is...

A mother,
A daughter,

Rejection is hard to accept,
In relationships,
A denial can change
The course of your life

"Thank you God,
For the little bees, birds & butterflies,
As they break my dawn,
With their love-filled notes,

On a bright October night, I took a free ride
Into the depths of my imaginations,
Flickering in the murky chambers of my heart
I saw the brightness of a flame lit by affections

Why do I need to cry?
For a dishonest man,
First you enticed my heart,
Then you slowly took my peace away,

I wait for your call,
Tears run down my cheeks,
One more relation
In a coffin,

Today is Onam,
I was in no mood to speak,
To anyone,
I sat down on my own,

Life is an art,
Painted by self,
Mind is the canvas,
And thoughts are the colours,

I wondered,
What does freedom mean to me?
Perhaps, it could be liberty
From the internal struggle,

I saw from my bus window,
On a bright September,
Looming imposingly,
A lone teak in the graveyard

Amidst the blaze of summer's fierce reign,
Where the sun's heat scorches with relentless pain,
Crows take flight, seeking refuge from the glare,
In the sky's vast expanse, their struggle laid bare.

People were making merry,
Something was awry,
Was it the gloominess of my heart?
That obscured me,

No, I am not
Such a misnomer it is,
I felt…

Sometimes I think,
Life is a paradox,
How absurd we humans are,
People here are in a mad race,

On my way to work,
As I walked along the
Tiled and cemented pavement,
On the busy MG Road

As a dark August went by without much fanfare,

And a bright September stepped in demure,

I write,
A little prayer,
For my dear friend
On a weekend

You paid a visit,
In the wet season,
And sat on the corner,
Of my window

This morning, I lay down
In the open,
On my terrace
Silently appreciating

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An observer of life, and emotions.)

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Drops From Heaven

Dizzy with heat,
A city prayed for shield,
Against boiling temperatures
Sun, the scoundrel
Stood up to its ill-repute
Of burning with fury
And played a prominent role
In this celestial display
Towering above all characters…

Then enter clouds,
So many of them,
In all forms,
Spread across the sky,
Bright at first,
Then growing dark…

Birds sing a special alarm,
I could see the clouds pride slowly swell,
As multitudes seek its benevolence…
In presence of the angry sun,

Green grass charred brown…

Monsoon in her good graces keeps away,
Till the winds garner strength,
The atmosphere is all charged up
And the sky is overcast
And wandering clouds embrace each other
Their bosoms filled with the milk of love,
In a swift turn of events,
The clouds decides to shower
Her affections on parched earth…

Slowly the sun turns pale and staggers behind,
And lo, I see drops from heaven…

Finally rain arrives,
Accompanied by thundershowers
Man’s holy and unholy desires
All gets washed away,
Stems with weak roots gets ripped apart,
Heat fades away and sickness disappears
And my surroundings teem with fresh greens
And bright new life…
Thank you God
For the healing drops...

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Poetry is emotion expressed through words. Vinaya Joseph

Poetry is emotions recollected in tranquility. Vinaya Joseph

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Vinaya Joseph Popularity

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