She Poem by Vinaya Joseph


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She is...

A mother,
A daughter,
A sister,
A niece,
A wife,
A daughter-in-law,
A sister-in-law,
A mother-in-law,
A grandmother,
A granddaughter,
An aunt…

Above all,
She is a human,
With her own special identity

Intellectuals say,
The world revolves,
Around the spirit of womanhood,

To me,
Every woman is a queen,
In her own rights
A beautiful angel,
That God created…

But she has to realize this fact,
Has to know her own worth,
If she needs to see an end to exploitation,
End to those tears,
She must become conscious of the fact,
That she is worth the world,
Which she created

She needs to defy the myth,
That she is weak and vulnerable,
She is not an inanimate good or service,
That can be used or availed by men,
And then thrown away…

She is an individual,
In flesh and blood,
With human emotions,

An individual,
A human being,
Just like a man

She is not a tissue to be used,
And then disposed of

She is not there,
Simply to satisfy man's lust,
To be his fantasy,
She has her unique identity,
Don't put shackles on her freedom,
Don't limit her,
By putting conditions

Let her live,
Don't kill her soul,
Please let her live…

Each one us has flaws,
Faults, imperfections, shortcomings, inadequacies, etc.
Call them whatever you may like…
All I appeal
To the world,
Is to let her live her life…

Misnia Bahri 04 May 2024

Lovely write up I give 5 stars ⭐️

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Beautiful, but perturbing as you look deep into the lives of women. From the times on ManuSmriti, women have been exploited by men. It still continues a man's world…rape continues to be commonest way to impose authority over women, society and even nations.

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Susheela Shiju 03 November 2018

beautiful! dear Vinaya!

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Dev Anand 11 March 2016

Woman.. playing great roles in life........ she is to be praised to the heavens. thank you. dev

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Dr Antony Theodore 11 March 2016

What gives a woman her identity? What makes her special? Every woman is a queen of love... a spiritual being. a beautiful angel. very true. my mother was like that. i adore her. thank you for this great praise for women. tony

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Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

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