Be Yourself Poem by lars haris

Be Yourself

You don't know who you are
And even whom you want to be
Who will you be?
I guess you'll be none

You know a lot of people
And even what they have
But you don't know what you want
That's how you'll get non

You know peoples stuffs
While you don't even know your self
Knowing yourself is enough
If you want to be someone

You know what peoples do
And even what they say
Do you know what doing
Until you say what they do

You always do something
Because you want to be someone
Someone became someone
Because he did for none

You want to be like some peoples
Do they want to be like you
If there's non you can do
None will become like you

Cant you act on your own
In order to be someone
Talking isn't every thing
If you want to do something

None will care about you
If you don't take care of yourself
Do what you are there for
And be there for it

Everything you do you do for yourself
And for yourself
None will be like you
If you don't be you yourself.

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: passion
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