lars haris Poems

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Be Yourself

You don't know who you are
And even whom you want to be
Who will you be?
I guess you'll be none

Dove`s First Stray

The wild dove had to make his first stray,
He used his wings to make his fly,
He had no choice but to take off to the sky,
Couldn't dare to care what they had to say,

My First Time In Heaven

if i just new early
a bit earlier
i would have been there already
i didn't know its so good

The Two Twin Brothers

growing up together
all together
loving each other
cheer to one another

Say I Would

You walk with your powers
Why do you live with shame
So how could it be good
If you can't say i would

Just Gone

we were together
until you were grown
all that we used to share
made life so fun

Me Aside

they came the other day
And said that I am smart
they didn't mean it
why would they?

A Married Girl

two days were enough
she didn't want even a week
or any one to tell her
she shouldn't have got married

King's Pride

the king was on his seat, mice on his left hand
the queen on her right, pope's hut on her head
both on their seats, surrounded by maid
cheering and toast, calling more by nod

Lion`s Grave

it is dead
dead already
why we afraid
it is dead they said

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