Beautiful And Tormented

Rating: 5.0

He lives in his dreams
They are less painful than reality
He’s been through more hell than anyone should know
And yet, he’s more beautiful than any she’s known
She knows life’s unfair, but he’s been so wronged
He automatically sees everyone as an enemy
She’s tried so hard to find a way in, to love him
And every entrance is blocked, yet he’s found her heart
And she does love him, whether he believes it or not
She’ll always be his escape, the light at the end
He’s so tormented, and he won’t let her help him
Sharpened tongues, lash out with lies
And, oh, the jealousy, it finds its way to him
He won’t let her protect him, he simply welcomes it
Everyone has faults, but she’s proud of who he is
And yet it’s the years of torment that have made him
But it’s built up inside of him, scarred him
And all she can do is love him, and hope
Hope that one day he will let her in, that he’ll trust her
It seems so much is left unsaid
With every kiss of parting, she never says what she’s thinking
For fear of seeming silly and foolish
And she’s never privy to his thoughts, he’ll never tell her
Everyday that she is graced with, she will always think of him
And she hopes through tear filled eyes of loss, that she too,
Will be on his mind

Ruby Root 19 July 2006

Hi Guarded Heart, I don't believe there is any type of love out there. I am sorry but I think people take people for granted. It is always nice at the beginning and then it ends up terrible. I just think we live in unrealistic world. I don't believe anyone can love that much, sorry. Your poem was great. Great imagery and emotions. Take care.

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The Sleeper 19 July 2006

Last line has me pondering, but all in all its excellent, Maybe neither one of you are outspoken as you claim to be? .... Love doll

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