Guarded Heart Poems

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Have I Lost You

In my attempt to make you happy
Did i lose you?
Is everything i tried to do
Come back to haunt me

A Little Dissapointed

I'm a little dissapointed
That you acted that way
Just a little dissapointed
Things turned out this way

A Lovers Plea

Fall together
Hold forever
Don't let go

As Long As They Both Breathe

Sides come together in a fury of battle cries

On one side, she sits, and forgives
The evils that have been done to her

An Angel Of A Different Kind

Maybe I have wings
That only need to stretch
For you to see them

If Only Looks Could Kill

She walks by
She has all of thier eyes
Without trying, she has them hyponotized
All she did was walk by


Would it be okay,
if for just a day
i wasn't me?

If Prayer Changes Anything

'Prayer changes everything'
Or so they tell me
But if that is case why are we at war
Do you really think mothers don't pray

I Remember The Day

I remember the day
When i saw you walk away
And i felt like i would never see you again
I cried the whole way home

Have You Noticed?

You don't know what you have until you let it go,
and the realization that you may not get it back

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