Beautiful Wings Poem by Jamal Brown

Beautiful Wings

I saw you last night.
I all of your radience and
beauty. Hard to believe,
but even more beautiful than
the last time I saw you.
I knew it was you, by the
way you smiled. I thought
that I may have been going
crazy, but there you were
right in front of me. I
could help but cry.
I've counted the days until I
would see you again, never reasoning
that it would be this soon. I looked
at you, as you stared back at me.
Then, it happened. As you opened
your arms, I ran towards you, and
we hugged. It felt like an eternity
standing there, but it was not long
enough. I wanted to hold you in my
arms forever. I never wanted this moment
to end. I looked into your beautiful
face, as I
took a step back. I stepped back
just in time, as you spread your
beautiful wings. Tears profusly
streamed down my face. Joy. That's the
only way I can explain it. You hushed
my tears as you said 'Everything is going to be
all right. I love you.'
And just as quickly as you
appeared, you were gone.
It still doesn't seem,
but I accept that it was a
dream. A dream that I
never wanted to wake up from.
A dream of you, and your beautiful

This poem is dedicated to the loving memory
of Crystal Torres. Rest in peace, my
sweet Angel.

Jamal Brown

Jamal Brown

Lexigton, S.C.
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