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A young handsome 19 year old man trying to make it in today's society. I've had a passion for writing poetry for a long time. I just started collecting all of my poetry the begining of the 2009 year.
I'm in the long process of writing two books. One is a poetry book and one is a novel. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I love hanging out with my fr ...

Jamal Brown Poems

Beautiful Mother

God has blessed me with a beautiful mother.That's the

way it goes. So I promised him that as long

A Soldier's Homegoing

It could't wait another day

She'd already finished her test.

Is It Love?

Their hearts pound at first sight.

Is it love?

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

I know why the

caged bird sings.

Don'T Cry For Me

Even though I'm gone from you physically,
I'm still with you. Please don't cry, just because
I'm out of sight, I am always with you morning
Noon and night. Do me this favor, since you really

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i love you you are a great person

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im reading and just met u still reading ur book an lovin it a lil

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Yeah, nice poem collection you have there

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Angelic Warrior 08 July 2009

Jamal.......well you do indeed write very good poetry......very good themes...with a good imagination, form and style....Jamal is able to put together a couple of very good pieces....thanks for sharing :)

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Wm Ryle 11 June 2009

Jamal Brown, Who are you considering for your publisher? I am also a poet, and have collected my poems since the 1990's. Bill Ryle

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