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God has blessed me with a beautiful mother.That's the

way it goes. So I promised him that as long

It could't wait another day

She'd already finished her test.

Their hearts pound at first sight.

Is it love?

I know why the

caged bird sings.

Even though I'm gone from you physically,
I'm still with you. Please don't cry, just because
I'm out of sight, I am always with you morning
Noon and night. Do me this favor, since you really

Stop critisizing me just because I don't
fit into any of your stereotypes. So what I'm different.
What authority do you have to change me? I am who
I am. And yea, I'm bisexual, so what now? Remember

Another day
Another rain.
More sorrow
More pain.

1.Jamal =Handsome.

Well, I am a handsome man. Hey I try to have high self esteem. If

We stuck by each other

through thick and thin.

Unknown, lost in a world that I can't


I am a Jesus Christ fanatic and proud of it.

The whole world should be like me and bow down to the lord above it.


I'm dying on the inside.

Lost day to day.

I remember a time, when I thought
That was I happy. I remember when
I thought it was alright to lead a double
Life. I tried to convince myself that no one

(Before reading this, please note that I'm portraying a 4 or 5 year old boy in this poem.)

Mommy, where do angels live?

Live ya' life
Overcome your fears
Various blessings
Eat, sleep, and watch TV

You tell me that america is a free country,

but I ask you, 'What is free about America? ' If America

The things that you have taught me over the years in this Correctional Facility are inevitable. The Rats, the Roaches,
the Critters that NEVER stop crawling and the flies that
never stop flying. I thank you O' High School, For teaching
me New Things Such As: New Exterminating Techniques,

Just like a poem, with a
simple rhyme, our hearts
beat together in synchronized
time. Like a scheduled

I love my arms, because I use them for hugs, and to reach for the sky.
I love my feet, because the waves and sand run through my toes at the beach.
I love my lips, because they let me blow kisses.
I love my spine, because it let's me stand tall and proud.

Sandy beaches and rocky road ice cream.
Do you remember that?
The way the night felt when you were with me.
Do you remember that?

Jamal Brown Biography

A young handsome 19 year old man trying to make it in today's society. I've had a passion for writing poetry for a long time. I just started collecting all of my poetry the begining of the 2009 year. I'm in the long process of writing two books. One is a poetry book and one is a novel. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I love hanging out with my friends, listening to rock music, eating, sleeping, having fun, and above all giving praise to Jehovah. I love everyone, and look at them as potential brothers and sisters. Will talk to y'all l8tr! Bye! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)

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Beautiful Mother

God has blessed me with a beautiful mother.That's the

way it goes. So I promised him that as long

as he'd let me live, I'd love and cherish her 'till

my last breath I

can no longer hold.

A strong beautiful woman who can go

through trials and

tripulations larger than

the grand canyon.

And still come out a beautiful, loving,

God fearing champion.

To even know such a woman of such

compassion and mercy she runs a great race.

God Knows she will forever run it with

a beautiful, majestic style and


So to whoever's reading this,

cherish the mother you love.

And even if she is physically gone,

cherish her legacy,

know that she's with Jesus

and she will live on and on and on.

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i love you you are a great person

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im reading and just met u still reading ur book an lovin it a lil

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Yeah, nice poem collection you have there

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Angelic Warrior 08 July 2009

Jamal.......well you do indeed write very good poetry......very good themes...with a good imagination, form and style....Jamal is able to put together a couple of very good pieces....thanks for sharing :)

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Wm Ryle 11 June 2009

Jamal Brown, Who are you considering for your publisher? I am also a poet, and have collected my poems since the 1990's. Bill Ryle

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