Trapped Poem by Jamal Brown


Unknown, lost in a world that I can't


Like a life long inmate, trapped

in a prison van.

The real me, my soul is trapped in

my body like a bad song stuck in your


Seldomly, I invision myself better off if I were

jumped and left for dead.

Can't tell whether I'm coming or going

Knowing part of me is missing.

Tryin' to get back on good terms with

GOD, but he does'nt seem to be


Trapped behind an invisible door, no possible way

out. Wanting and needing my blessings to flood

but instead my blessings are in drought.

So discombobulated, want to talk with family

but it's like they don't even know

who I am.They treat me like a child and

refuse to see that I am a man.

I know they want what's best for me and I

appreciate that but when I try to get a

few things my way I get fussed at and called a 'brat.'

I want better for myself. I want to

look in someone's face and

honestly say 'everything's fine.'

It's like I'm walking on

cloud 7, But I'm seeing cloud 9.

So if there's anybody out there that feels me,

that knows what I'm going through.

If you think that you're in the boat alone, trust me

I'm right there with you.


i liekd this this was interestin

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i love this poem its like a lot of mine but i like yors better please keep wrighting No Reason To Care

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Angelic Warrior 08 July 2009

i'd say this is probably your best poem i've read :) ......believe me your not alone.....i think being 16 and being treated that way is better than being 19 and being treated that way.....eventually they'll realize that your not a little kid anymore......very nice write!

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Sandy Vanity 08 July 2009

it used to be like that for me all the time even now some times and it sux i know it dose my real dad still treats me like im 10 cuz he dosnt know my age nore dose he know me at all. but yeah i like this poem i relate to it.

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Jamal Brown

Jamal Brown

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