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[ Because Science ]

Even science can't escape it
The cults that wane, subliminal
That statement, 'Because science'
The absence of thinking critical
Just another damning faith
For a different type of imbecile
A religion corrupting facts
To conjuring up the mythical

No focus on the factual

Time to hypnotize
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[ Because Science ]
There are many things in the realm of science that I am truly amazed by, many things that I learned as a child that were thrilling and fun to discover. However, there are also a whole lot of things that have been proven to be in great error, and there is a whole lot of corruption in it as well. This poem is meant to be a direct insult to those who blindly throw their faith in science, that have no ability to actually question what it is they believe or why, other then that they were told to. The things we " know" , the things we " believe" , in regards to science, is at best, the limit of our understanding. They are not these unquestionable standards that they are far too often treated as, they are the points at which we have yet to learn beyond. So anytime I hear someone ignorantly and foolishly say something along the lines of " because science" or even using science as the end-all-be-all of a determining factor, a matter of fact, I can only snicker at how absurd it really does sound. I don't care about factions, institutions or political pandering, they are all mini-religions that probably don't offer any real benefit at all. I'm using this poem to point out that, what a lot of people consider to be " science" is weak sauce, fanboy nonsense, more apt to catering to their political ideologies or religious beliefs rather then the continual pursuits of learning and discovering truths.