Before And After Christ (Bc/Ad) Poem by Royston Allen

Before And After Christ (Bc/Ad)


I was blind and I could not see
and was dead by the trespasses in me.
I was insensitive and devoid of feeling
and was sick and in need of healing.
I was deaf and could not hear
and was lost in a world of fear.
I was dumb and unable to talk
and was lame and could not walk.
I was dim and unable to perceive
and doubted and I could not believe

Lord, I was blind and unable to see
Your loving arms outstretched at Calvary.
Lord, I was dead in trespasses and sin
unaware You had died my love to win.

Lord, I was lame and unable to walk
to enter your presence and hear You talk.
Lord, I was deaf and could not even hear
Your Gospel message ringing out so clear.

Lord, I was callous, devoid of feeling
lost in sin and in great need of healing.
Lord, I was dumb and unable to shout
as You walked on by I could not call out.

It was while I was in this wretched state
You came for me before it was too late.
Reached out and touched me with healing power
transforming my life that very same hour.

You raised me from the dead by Your grace
opening my eyes to behold Your face.
I leapt with joy and used my lips to sing
of Your great love and wonderful healing.

Now, no more is my soul condemned to death
since You breathed into me life giving breath.
I now have eternal life by rebirth
alive in You I'm no more confined to earth.

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: healing
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