Royston Allen

Royston Allen Poems

1. Did You See What Jesus Did? 3/28/2012
2. He's Mine Boasted The Grave In Victory 3/29/2012
3. Before The Beginning 3/29/2012
4. You Cannot Take It With You Rob 4/2/2012
5. With Her Touch She Turned The House Into A Home 4/2/2012
6. Everlasting Love 4/3/2012
7. What Kind Of Woman Is This? 4/5/2012
8. When Words Just Fail 4/7/2012
9. 3 Kisses 4/10/2012
10. Woven On A Heavenly Loom 4/12/2012
11. We'Ve Lost The Baby 4/12/2012
12. For Every Moment Of Every Year 4/13/2012
13. Always There 4/14/2012
14. The Battle Of Reading Rock 4/16/2012
15. Another Catch Of Fish 4/19/2012
16. From Doom And Gloom To Ecstasy 4/22/2012
17. Shipwrecked 4/22/2012
18. Uncreated Light 4/23/2012
19. As The Red Wine Into The Cup Is Poured 4/25/2012
20. Adam 4/26/2012
21. Whatever It Takes Lord 4/26/2012
22. Like A Thief In The Night 4/27/2012
23. Sweet Communion 4/29/2012
24. Blind, Deaf, Dumb And Dead 4/30/2012
25. Oh Where Is Heaven's Door? 4/30/2012
26. The Eternal Story 5/2/2012
27. Autumn Leaves 5/3/2012
28. The Fear Of Death Was In Their Eyes 5/4/2012
29. Fan Into Flames 5/5/2012
30. Going Home 5/7/2012
31. What Kind Of Man Is This? 5/8/2012
32. He Walked Away 5/9/2012
33. A Gate Called Beautiful 5/9/2012
34. He Walks With Us 5/10/2012
35. Here I Am - Send Me 5/11/2012
36. Who Am I? 5/13/2012
37. A Kiss From God 5/14/2012
38. Each Sub Atomic Particle 5/15/2012
39. Deep Darkness Spread Throughout All The Land 4/2/2012
40. The Love Of My Youth Is Still The Love Of My Life. 5/19/2012
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Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by

Freedom to speak
Freedom to seek
Freedom to laugh or to cry

Freedom to work
Freedom to shirk
Freedom to save or to buy

Freedom to please
Freedom to tease
Freedom to smile or to sigh

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high

Freedom to touch
Freedom to clutch
Freedom to grant or deny

Freedom that's ...

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Before The Beginning

There, before the beginning was the Word
and in the emptiness God's voice was heard.
'Let there be light', the Almighty One said,
as firstlight was conceived and off it sped.

Into the nothingness light exploded
Each photon with God's power was loaded
Reaching into the furthest voids of space
light shot forward at a colossal pace.

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