Before The Moon Poem by William Kofoed

Before The Moon

in the chilling crisp night
with out a stirring trace of breeze
tingling fear of unseen eyes
as my hackles begin to rise

Ebony skies with bright jewels scattered
pinpricks of rain bowls that quickly glitter
pale moon like watching eye
baleful gaze upon me here

whispering sound of cutting air
so high above and far away
growing louder and drawing near
I turn my eyes unto the sky

like a racing cloud across the stars
of sharp lines and angles clear
narrowing straight towards me now
two points of redness spear my soul

blocking now the light of the moon
silhouetting a shape of doom
reptilian wings of mighty beats
seeking its prey within the night

a flash of flames before it flares
and on cold wind of mighty roar
in fear I tremble cold and weak
fearing that I be the prey it seeks

across the land in dark of night
in clusters tremble many sheep
that upon the Dragon does feast
finding them a tasty treat

mutton wrapped in fleecy white
a toothsome treat at in the night
glowing eyes seek in the land
white flashes of the fearful sheep

sharply turning spearing down
with the roaring of wings it descends
lighting the night with bright flame
with talons stained with ruby red

with booming flaps it breaks its fall
grabbing the prey that it did seek
with mighty flaps it again ascends
winging quickly into the night

struggling in its grasp so tight
is a maiden in sweater white
‘tis not really the dragons fault
‘twas seeking the Argyle white

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