Smoking Poems: 284 / 500

Before You Start

Rating: 2.8

Many smokers fail to quit before they've even started
Because their frame of mind is such that they are all disheartened
They're very good at thinking of every possible obstacle in the way
And envisage clearly in their mind how long and tedious will be the day

Each minute will take hours, each hour will take years
So much time at their disposal to ponder on all their fears
How could they possibly stop smoking, they're beat before they start
And yet, should it really be that difficult to have a change of heart

To not smoke any minute, any hour of the day
Is so very, very easy if you look at it in a different way
But the smoker's mind has fixed the meter at impossible, maybe higher
And they'd probably say right to me that I was a downright liar

If I said it's simple, don't overcomplicate the matter
Remove from your mind all that constant, busy chatter
That constant, busy chatter which is rubbish, I'm being kind
And not smoking is so simple, I'm sure that you will find