Belly Dancer

Rating: 5.0

You approach with covered veil,
hiding whom you are inside.
Slowly you move around the room,
searching the eyes of the horde.

One by one you observe,
looking deep within their souls.
Until you find the perfect one,
who possesses golden heart, and innocent eyes.

With sinuous motion you approach,
smooth curves winding round and round.
A dance from the beginning of time,
which none can bear to look away from.

By each suggestion you pull him in,
hypnotized by the flesh he sees.
With allure you have enticed him,
dangling yourself before his drying lips.

Closer you come, invading his space.
Your perfumed body he smells,
never to forget it, ever again,
moving in rhythm of the drummers beat.

And as you finally approach him,
I realize he is I in shock of your beauty.
My mind swimming to grasp the concept,
to understand I have been selected.

That night I shall never forget,
how we shared each other’s life.
A connection not by any conventional way,
but by the influence of untainted love.

As I write this down on warped parchment,
I must smile to myself as never before.
Thinking that love is real,
…love is real.

Linda Malchak 18 March 2005

This is a beautiful poem. Very talented writer. I am enjoying all of Gary Scott Gebert's poems.

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