Beneath The Surface Poem by sherrie tappenden

Beneath The Surface

Rating: 3.5

I thought I saw a glimpse.
the tight knit chrysalis
in a diamond out of sight.

embryonic, still unformed.
changing ever moving,
evolving and invisible.

I slipped beneath the surface.
felt the world up in the sky.
and the pounding closed me in.

in real time.

Metamorphic, smooth and beautiful.
spiralling towards the centre
of the universe.

dormant, sleeping still
below mossy slabs
sweet and sad.

I brushed aside the cobweb.
felt the diamond in my hand
and the deep cut of reality.

In real time.

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 20 April 2009

i love how u expressed ur feelings onto this poem.. eloquent and outstanding 100000+

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ata khan 19 April 2009

I really like the way you write Sherrie This poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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Laurence Bourke 16 April 2009

the thing that drew me right into this wonderful write was the amazingly tangible word usage and choice placing. very very well done! ! ! such mystery and such depth is acquired only after careful and talented effort! fabulous write an easy 10.. keep it up! !

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Fay Slimm 14 April 2009

This is a superb write, and entraps much of the mystery surronding the so-called normal - - much food for thought and beautifully executed.... thank you Sherrie. 10 from Fay..

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