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I write to feel light
and to convey
in whatever I believe is right.

I will always raise my voice
before it fades out.

Ata Khan Poems

Z'Ma Mor (My Mother)

It was a rainy day
driving back home
the car steered me
towards you...

Princess And The Stranger

black eyes
yet known eyes

Winter And Hope

First snow atop the hill
sends a chill to the spine
it melts down all hopes
for the morning sunshine


The angel of death
in shock and awe
stands, perplexed

A Dancing Peacock

In pursuit of the rainbow
A budding spirit elates
longs to infuse with aroma
to take a glimpse of the light

Ata Khan Comments

Jazz Annis 21 April 2009

that was very well written...the poem My Mother...

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myra k. rogers 16 April 2009

Hi! I read for the moment the last your poem. It refresh old feeling in mee.Thank you!

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Tanvi Semalty 12 April 2009

your poems are very touching, they are simply wonderful..................

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Ishita Mehta 12 April 2009

you are a very good poet........n r very clear and expressive in ur poems..............from'palestine is her name' to'princess and stranger' to 'plastic octopus' to 'winter n hope' to'lets share' to 'valor'................u have not let even a single emotion untouched...................keep up the good work..............n entertain us with your poems.... thank you...........

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Sanoji Perera 01 April 2009

You have paintrd the real scenary of winter. It took me to a rural area. I like it.

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Ruchika Batra 12 January 2010

really beautiful poems....gud keep it up

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Khilil Perry 11 September 2009

you inspire me to write more poems god bless and keep writing

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Emma Adamyan 08 September 2009

i keep asking myself only one thing... how could a human being write sth heavenly sad, how its possible to perfore others hearts with such simple words and thoughts. i only make sure that everything great is so simple. im sitting at work reading the lines 'every dropp embraced me and i could feel u...', 'go my child, its raining and ur dont have an umbrella...' and i realize what a true love can be for a person. its whole world, its God`s blessing by ur side. i dont know what have u created, just a poem or u added a page to the Holly Bible, judging by thoughtfulness it was something similar. I think i can never forget those 20 lines of urs.

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Dikeledi Constance 15 June 2009

wow! what a fantastic poem i think it what i needed to start my made and i have added it to my avorite list of poems and i think i will read it each and every day i start. good job

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Abida Rahman 10 May 2009

Great poet! Thank you for sharing your talent!

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