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It was a rainy day
driving back home
the car steered me
towards you...

black eyes
yet known eyes

First snow atop the hill
sends a chill to the spine
it melts down all hopes
for the morning sunshine


The angel of death
in shock and awe
stands, perplexed

In pursuit of the rainbow
A budding spirit elates
longs to infuse with aroma
to take a glimpse of the light

Ata Khan Biography

I write to feel light and to convey in whatever I believe is right. I will always raise my voice before it fades out.)

The Best Poem Of Ata Khan

Z'Ma Mor (My Mother)

It was a rainy day
driving back home
the car steered me
towards you...
your grave

Can i ever forget
how much you liked the rain?

The white wet marble of your grave
sparkled like your smile

Every falling drop
bounced to embrace me

I could feel you, and
how happy you were
but I could also hear you
say this very clearly

'Za Bachiya baraan de (Go my child, it's raining)
and you don't have an umbrella'

(Title and the verse translated are in Pashto language)

Ata Khan Comments

myra k. rogers 16 April 2009

Hi! I read for the moment the last your poem. It refresh old feeling in mee.Thank you!

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Jazz Annis 21 April 2009

that was very well written...the poem My Mother...

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Sruthi Sheela 02 February 2009

really, really, superb

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Sruthi Sheela 02 February 2009


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Sanoji Perera 01 April 2009

You have paintrd the real scenary of winter. It took me to a rural area. I like it.

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Ruchika Batra 12 January 2010

really beautiful poems....gud keep it up

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Khilil Perry 11 September 2009

you inspire me to write more poems god bless and keep writing

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Emma Adamyan 08 September 2009

i keep asking myself only one thing... how could a human being write sth heavenly sad, how its possible to perfore others hearts with such simple words and thoughts. i only make sure that everything great is so simple. im sitting at work reading the lines 'every dropp embraced me and i could feel u...', 'go my child, its raining and ur dont have an umbrella...' and i realize what a true love can be for a person. its whole world, its God`s blessing by ur side. i dont know what have u created, just a poem or u added a page to the Holly Bible, judging by thoughtfulness it was something similar. I think i can never forget those 20 lines of urs.

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Dikeledi Constance 15 June 2009

wow! what a fantastic poem i think it what i needed to start my made and i have added it to my avorite list of poems and i think i will read it each and every day i start. good job

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Abida Rahman 10 May 2009

Great poet! Thank you for sharing your talent!

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