Beyond Death Poem by Vinaya Joseph

Beyond Death

Beneath the earth, where silence keeps,
A body rests, in timeless sleep.
The soul departs, as shadows rise,
Yet in this world, its essence lies.

The hand that carved, the mind that dreamed,
Now part of dust, no longer gleamed.
But thoughts inscribed on paper bright,
Illuminate the endless night.

The voice may still, the breath may cease,
Yet words endure, they find release.
In every heart and mind they stay,
A living pulse, a bright array.

For mortal flesh returns to clay,
But deeds and dreams, they light the way.
So though the end will come to pass,
Your work will stand, like tempered glass.

Beyond the veil where echoes fade,
Your spirit walks, a path well-made.
Immortalized in lines you penned,
Your legacy will never end.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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