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Bhagavid Gita - Poem by Geof Bard

Glimpse into the Divine: Source,
Ghandi's Bhagavid Gita
As Told By Geof Bard
Under the pseudonym Arjuna Ahimsananda

Chapter The First

Come hear this tale the Bhag'vid Gita now:
Arrayed upon the field of Kuru, sons
Of Pandu and Sanjaya, battle-minded
Bowmen, peers of Bhima and Arjuna;
Decked with swords and shields and arrows keen
For battle not with men alone so much
As fighting sloth and guilt and shame and fear.

Adept in war, for God's sake pledged to die
Should He Lord God in wisdom so desire.
(The God the Father Whom begat the Lord
Called Jesus Christ but these events occurred
But long before the birth of Jesus Christ) .

And at the hour fate decreed, each man
Did guard the jugular, the weakest link,
Against the onslaught of the demon foe.

And then the Kuru sage Sri Drona blew
Upon his conch and roared like thund'ring skies
In summer's night when stars reveal
Orion's sword above all mortal souls.
Encouragement from ancient lights and sounds
Then echoed through the plains of Kuru's field
Of blood as purple banners, golden helms
And gleaming shields of bronze arrayed before
Estranged and distanced cousins set to fight
Unto the death with trumpets, cymbals, drums
And so too now did Krishna and Pandava blow
Upon the sacred conch shell, standing firm
In golden chariot with milk white steeds.
And far across the field of blood where battle
Ready troops arrayed, the bloody Bhima
Also blew upon his conch which echoed
Noises like a shriek from Hades' depth
As demons whipped the damned and rivulets
Of blood ran down their wretched backs of woe.
Of men at arms with strength and hearts like boars
Clanging banging ringing loud upon
Their horns and boasting proudly of the bath
Of crimson tide they'd spawn.

Arrayed for Hell the warriors alike
Feared naught but honor shamed before their fallen
Ancestors of old who wrought the crests
Unfurled on fields of glory now besieged
With doom and arrows readied for the slaughter
Now of sons of sons of better men
Than ever walked before beneath the Gods.
Tumult like never heard before did wreak
The field of battling foes as swords and shields
Rang out resounding over troubled skies
Like earthquakes thunder storms and floods from Hell.

Arjuna grimly took his bow to hand
Commanding that his mighty chariot
Charge forth between the armies now arrayed
Before the Lords of Hades Doom and Death.
To Krishna spake Arjuna now in anguish
And dejection: “Is not Death to be
Preferred than killing better men than I?
How could I harm my cousins, brethren all,
Beneath God's eye and in the view
Of Angels goddesses and Abraham
And Adam Gabriel and Now the Angels
Demons and Sri Michael and Isiah?
Nay! I shall not kill I shall not study
War again I turn the other cheek.
And thus threw he his bow down in the dust
And turned his head as tears poured from his eyes
And ran down dripping from his face onto
His bow and arrows glist'ning wet with tears.
And thus Arjuna hung his head in grief
And sorrow as the battle loomed ahead.

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