Big Mistake! Poem by Marria Attar

Big Mistake!

Rating: 2.7

A few months have passed
And not a word have you said
Nothing left to last
Just a bunch of horrible memories stored in my head
Why have you treated me with such hate
You're cruelty has reached the top
And when I realized it was too late
There was no way for you to stop
Anything you say or do will never make up for all you've done
And every time you treated me that way..I kept thinking you've won
But no, no more will I accept that from you
Since now i know what I must do
I will never treat you the way you've treated me before
Not less will I ever do so and not even more
I’m not going to hurt you, I’m not going to do the same thing you've Done to me
But now I know what to do in front of you and what person I should be
I know ignoring you is the only way to start your pain
I know the way to start it and drive you insane
People like you don't deserve to be treated with respect
You'll seriously wish that we've never even met
And after that you will see
That the only thing you've done wrong was leaving me

Ambar Bhusari 31 January 2009

you are kind of gifted poet good work

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Alixis Whitwer 21 January 2009

This is awesome! It shows that revenge isn't always the best thing to do. But sometimes it is neccesary to show a person how you really feel.

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