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Rating: 3.6

I wish I would always be with you
But I don’t know if you wish that too
I don’t know what you wish anymore
Or maybe it’s her you wish for
Why, why her? Why not me?
What, did you think that our relationship was never meant to be?
I have always been there for you
But it seems like you never knew
I have loved you like I have never loved someone else before
So tell me… do you love me or do you love her more?

What have I done wrong for you to do this to me?
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Melody Love 28 March 2010

This poem is so beautiful because it shows all the emotion of what you're going through and how you feel which makes this so personal and special. I love it!

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Michael Figueroa 28 December 2008

Great Rhymes and very deep on the emotional level. Overall a great peom

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Dear Maria, I like the phrase 'Love is a word that connects two people together in one knot'. Avoid too much descriptions. Talk more with pictures and meanings, which will stay. Keep on with new themes and ideas. Find new ways. Thanks

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samar Halabi 09 September 2008

Great full of meanings Thanks a lot

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Ashraful Musaddeq 09 September 2008

'You always said that this knot was attached between me and you But now I realize that whatever you said to me was never really true.' This observation is so simple and so beautiful! 10 for it.

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