Rating: 4.5

I saw my life in the depth of glorious flowers
I saw my essence in the lure of glowing stars
I saw my heart in the rays of the sun
And my future in the beauty of a golden dream

But the dream was lost and I was lost
Seeing the flowers fade and die
Witnessing the stars cascade and fall
And the sun sink and not shine again

In a breath I lost my happiness
I lost the moon, the sun, and the stars
In a heartbeat I lost it all
Thinking my sincere prayer had not been heard

The morning came and the sun reappeared
And with the night, the stars abide
And as spring comes, there is a promise
Of new flowers that will grow
Alive in the face of a golden moon

With streaming eyes and weeping heart
I see the world renew
My dreams have failed and I have failed
But yet the curtain cannot close

For it was love that carried my heart
When dreams failed and quiet peace fled my soul
And it will be love that grants me courage
To accept each new day as it will be
And embrace this aching grief
That in itself is bittersweet


Night Hawk 28 June 2006

poem is very sad and hopeful all at once, very good, but i'm not sure whether to be sad, or to be in the stage between grief, and moving on, but the message to me anyway is that despite the pain, there is still hope, and there was still joy, even in the thing that hurt you.

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