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A Song For My Heart

Rating: 3.6

Sing a song for my heart,
The one you left abandoned...
Upon the highway to Hell.
Sing a song for my heart,
If you can, for it is what I need-
Love's lost melody murmured
To the broken heart in me.

Alison Cassidy 22 July 2006

Lesa, This poem has sincerity and warmth and regret, all mixed together. I like the words 'highway to Hell'. Thanks for sharing Sincerely, Alison

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Grace Hays 21 July 2006

a song has been sung to bring joy and love back into your heart a song of friendship from the heart can only be sung straight into your heart for this song of friendship, joy and love come from the deepest parts of my soul and i will always care 4 you and the friendship you sing back into this broken-down...worn-out heart of mine

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this song of ur heart is beautiful indeed.. u amazing! magnificent poem!

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Ruby Root 26 September 2006

Hi Lesa, Very true poem. It is hard to mend a broken heart. I still can't believe how hard it is to breakup. All the ups and downs. I guess time heals the pain. Take care Lesa, Excellent poem.

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Poetic Brievity is not an easy facet of literary art form.You, however have succeded in taking 41 words, and delivering a story & statement of profoundity...and a job well done, Lesa''''''''''''''''fjr

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Duncan Wyllie 27 July 2006

Very sad, but yet Lesa, all is not at a loss, your art on it's own may keep you afloat Love duncan X

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Patricia Gale 25 July 2006

I have heard this song in my heart and you have dispalyed this with so much heart. Highway to Hell a classic add to this!

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