Black Exorcism Poem by Scott Sims

Black Exorcism

Why black people don't get possessed by demons.
1. If my home were ever haunted it would not be my home
for long.
2. Let me catch a living stranger in my house and you better be ready for me to throw hands.
Let me catch a gay stranger in my house and you better be ready for me to throw holy water.
3. If I was ever possessed my mom would minister me back to saved and delivered.
4. There's this whole thing where black people try to avoid premature deaths.
Right, right, right, so ouija boards, evil dolls, and haunted houses are pretty much black people kryptonite.
5. No spirits are… white.
And therefore it's terrified to go into the projects.
6. If the spirit don't pay bills in this house… what is he thinking to be playing with lights and slamming doors.
7. It takes a special kind of privilege to possess and be possessed. (White Privilege)

Spirit wants to inherit a vessel that was already there to
gentrify our body.
So why am I never going to possessed? Am I not good enough for you to want.
Maybe we wear signs on the front of our body that say we don't welcome strange. Yes.
Or maybe white spirits don't want to inherit an oppressed vessel.
They know black and brown bodies where they're demons on the outside.
Maybe, just because you can't inhabit the already dead.
Because my black skin has a target on it and you ain't looking to die again.
I guess black people just don't need some white savior,
whether that be the reverend, or God himself.
, so why God ask, "Why aren't there any black ghosts? "
Do black ghost go straight to heaven with no haunting
spirits, or do they? ? ?
Hmmm.. maybe you don't see black ghost, the same
way you don't see color.
Maybe, black ghost a lot of things to do.
Maybe, black people jumping back from the dead should be
white america's worst nightmare.
Maybe, black ghosts don't have time for white privilege in
the afterlife.
Even though you only see white ghosts, white people have always seen us as the monsters under this nation's bed.
Black exorcisms don't take place in haunted houses the demons take over haunted cities.
Turned Baton rouge and Cleveland and Falcon heights into ghost towns.
When black cities meet their demons expelled nobody calls the priest.
Instead of the cross, the ghostbuster wears a sheriff badge.
Doesn't speak latin, instead he chants slurs.
He doesn't sprinkle the possessed with holy water, instead he catalyzes the reaction by showering a bullet.
ain't it funny how america make my rage equal like demon.
Ain't being born in this black body hell.
Too unholy for a heaven on earth so lets pray for us in the afterlife.
It must be nice to still be privileged in the afterlife.
To be able to come back and give your death meaning.
It must be nice to live in death when you don't have a body.
Skin color still matters.

Friday, November 1, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: black african american
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