Clowns- By: Mic Ting Poem by Scott Sims

Clowns- By: Mic Ting

Clowns scare the s*** out of me.
Psychologists call it "Coulrophobia."
You see for most people the altered features, enlarged feet, bright red nose, dyed hair, white face is comical.
Safe, but for those of us living with this phobia, these deformed humanoids come across as monstrous.
When I was little, I used to get these nightmares.
I'd be on a plane when all of a sudden a clown appears out of nowhere, and throws the both of us out of it.
Now, I'm not saying that all clowns are that bad.
I'm just saying they make me nervous.
Too many unknowns with these clowns.
For example, did you know that clowns paint smiles on their faces.
That even if their sad, or angry, or racist, you can't tell just by looking at them.
Did you know that most clowns have other jobs.
Like you could be sitting next to a clown right now and you wouldn't even know it until they put their white face on.
Im telling you, these clowns hide in plain sight.
Did you know that 53% of clown women voted for donald trump?
Again, i'm not saying that all clowns are bad, some of my best friends are clowns.
It's just that even the good days, I don't truly know what's going on behind that white face.
I mean, did you know that the vast majority of homegrown terrorists in the united states are clown males.
As wells as 57% of sexual violence perpetrators.
Hell, just look at the clown we have in office right now, and the circus he's made of the white, sorry. Clown house?
Now, before you ask… 1)no, I've not seen the movie "It, " obviously.
2)no, I do not like the fair, or the carnival or a NASCAR racer or any place you can find too many clowns and not enough color.
3)yes, I still get nightmares I imagine a flock of white hands smothering my voice.
The tune of clown laughter, a crowd of clowns, where they should not be,
In 2016, a clown craze swept California terrorizing unsuspected residents.
That same year, a couple clowns on duty shot Alton Sterling for selling CDs.
You see for most people, the altered features. Holstered gun, bright metal badge, buzzed hair, white face is trustworthy, is safe but I've learned you can't trust a clown with too much power.
What is it with these clowns in power, clowns in power, clowns empowered to have the last laugh while taking the last breath?
Clown power. Is the uncanny ability to find humor in death and enslavement.
It makes a mockery of our most basic human rights.
It is the scariest thing I have ever known.
How can you be afraid of clowns they ask.
Their white skin. Shining fearless.
They're justpeople like you and me. I paint the safest smile on my face.
And tell them, "There are some phobias you just cannot explain.
Especially, to those with nothing to fear.

Friday, November 1, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: black african american
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