Black Man Poem by Black Consciousness Poetry BCP

Black Man

Black man continue to fight
Black man continue to strive for the best out of life
Black man realize that your struggle is not yours alone
Black man see me as yourself
Know that every drop of blood that was sacrificed for you could fill the oceans 10 times over
Black man embrace your pain and know that it equips you to survive anything
Because every second that you have lived from the time you were in your mothers womb is one for survival
Even in that womb black man
Your mother sought for every avenue of your freedom
Black man love every woman like she is your sister mother or daughter
Black man the tv disrespects her on a daily basis
Black man know that her beauty in its many manifestations
Has been the subject of the utmost abuse
Black man let her know that though her curves are very appealing they are not her definition
Black man she must see this
Blackman she is a reflection of our situation
Black man she mother a nation
Black man I am your brother
Black man I am your kin
Black man words can only say so much
Black man the time for action is now
Black man in your journey for self-preservation do not forget me
Black man I remember you every time I pass my own reflection
Black man fight for me as I fight for you
Black man let us claim our birth right
Black man let us secure the future of our legacy
Black man I have climbed the mountain to its highest point and walked among the vegitation on her bosom
She has let me know that life perseveres even through the most harsh conditions
Black man as I stood atop the summit I bore witness to the majesty of Jehovah
Black man my heart was moved and circulated great thanks to the Creator
Black man we must realize our destinty
Black man I have not seen the promised land
I dream of it as you do
I grieve for every dreamer that passed on
For our dream is one
Black man we have no choice
Black man never recline


Black Man
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