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Our skin of gold, sham
shamans claim our skin
bleeds Wealth, Gospel to
our kith and kin who suffer

Your Smile

Your Smile is a force
that sway my sight.
My heart moves with
your rhythmic motion,

Our Mother, West Papua

I no longer walk her beautiful
landscape, I am a prisoner
in my own homeland, stripped
off my heritage, my culture.

Black Zombies

Black Zombies, spiritual bleached.
to be religious crucified on a ivory
Black bodies, biblical pages of unsung messiahs.

Tweet And Tweedle

The Bird in the cage
tweet and tweedle, sings
of hope every morning.
With a broken spirit and

Black Consciousness Poetry BCP Quotes

04 October 2016

Quote: ' We are quick to name, forgetting that sometimes words can imprison.' Quote: ' Privilege soon begets ignorance.' Quote: 'Some souls are the beacon, million beams of luminous, shining on our darkest hour, the struggle for our humanness.' Quote: 'Some of us, our reasoning is based on a book we are currently reading, as soon as we pick up the next, so as our reasoning goes(there's no constancy) , books are not really meant to form our thinking but to shape our thinking, books carry ideas(by other people) , this ideas, when we take them, we shouldn't be quick to act, we must allow them sink first(allow time to take its cause on them) , not all ideas are THE IDEA/S but some ideas are meant to take us to THE IDEA/S.' Quote: ' how I live is my Kulture and I won't defend my 'kulture', cause I think my kulture is old enough to defend itself.' Quote: 'There's no absolute perfect vanguard in the struggle, if there was we wouldn't be struggling.' Quote: ' My dream is my courage, my dream is my Azania, may I live to see her.' Quote: 'wake up, we are caught in a deadly storm, while you are dreaming of a Rainbow.' Quote: ' In the room full of idiots, the wise one is the dumb one.' Quote: ' today my people are like a sky, they are quite and blue.' Quote: ' Not to see colour is to be blind, in a society that is definitely monotonous painted.' Quote: ' I have no power but we have the power.' Quote: 'Sometimes we don't see those who stand with us, hence sometimes one needs not to be present to be seen.' Quote: 'This system is a joke, my people are dying daily it's not even funny.' Quote: 'Believe me I know how much it hurts you to wear that musk' Quote: ' The art of self love, its definitely a masterpiece we ought to master first before anything else.' Quote: ' Those journeying to consciousness ought to strive for righteousness, not just to be right.' Quote: ' I am, every black face you come across, I am us, Unity Symbol(US) .' Quote: 'As heavy as bricks your words, your apologies are a drop in the ocean blood of my forefathers, your crocodile tears won't quench my thirst to call my soul my own.' Quote: 'These days instead of addressing whiteness, we dress it well, kente Boeks over weaves, mother tongue fashioned over english accent.' Quote: 'When words mean something, poetry becomes your everything.' Quote: ' loss of life is death but 'The' death is loss of humanity, blackman you have died long before this day.' Quote: 'What poets and Feminists have in common is lonesomeness' Quote: 'Sometimes, if not always it's hard to imagine that there's people who do what can't be imagined' Quote: 'I know you, you the 'cancer' that killed Sobukwe, you the 'hunger' that killed Biko, I know you, you will no longer silence me.' Quote: 'we ought to invest more time on books more than prisoners do.' Quote: ''Black love it's an ability to feel beyond yourself' Quote: 'Mina nawe sizinyosi nezimbali zakha uju.' Quote: 'I have to find myself first before I find you.' Quote: 'She's a warrior Queen, she could bend a man's heart to her will.' Quote: 'a woman who proclaim not to court broke man, often ends up courting a wealthy broken man.' Quote: 'Don't bother to tell me about what you did, but tell me about what we can do.' Quote: 'Thirsty for knowledge, drink from the elder's wisdom.' Quote: 'Yes, she's a Queen, study her heart.' Quote: 'As one attains the knowledge of self, one's consciousness is gradual sharpened and shaped, In a journey to consciousness the only thing constant is change ' Quote: 'I don't trust black women, who wear make-up cause they are in disguise, they appear not to be themselves but made-up as a lie.' Quote: 'My dear Brothers and Sisters, my legacy will serve no purpose to you, if it's told by them.' Quote: 'Our broken hearts like ship wreckage don't sink but they afloat to the shores for mend.' Quote: 'Naïve is to expect everyone to live up to your expectations.' Quote: 'Revolutionaries betray the revolution, when they become ungrateful.' Quote: 'For every picture taken there's a precious moment lost.' Quote: 'The introduction of Black consciousness on mass scale remains undoubtedly the foundation of any revolutionary occurrence.' AfrOdara Womanhood: 'The unity of women that gives rise to the essence of Power, of love of life, nature and nurturing of the nation.' Quote: AfrOdara, call for the black sisters to journey with their dear brothers side by side to the ultimate liberation, the attainment of the envision self, the free self. Quote: 'We shall have our Souls. we shall have them, or South africa will be levelled by our attempts to gain them.' Quote: 'These cities were built over dead black bodies, unmarked graves and shallow graves, the day the sleeping giants awake they shall crumble down, for anew Azania' Quote: 'Once your eyes are open then you will see that you and I, we are one and the other is a lie' Quote: 'WE, the darker Nation, we are the light of the world.' Quote: 'The old is not dead and the new is not yet born, we live in borrowed times.' Quote: 'I have been a sleep walker since the day my parents bought a television.' Quote: 'Freedom comes when we realize that it is against our interests, as a self-determining black community to point out the 'good' elements in an oppressive structure.' Quote: 'In an age where believes are the police, that Police our thoughts then the youth of this day is bound to say, FUCK the Police.' Quote: 'We'll feel love and be loved, when we come together' Quote: 'Life is beautiful and colourful when you go out and live it, to us who stay-in and ponder on life, will come to see it as dull and as miserable.' Quote: 'To be or not to be one's Father, its what leads one to manhood.' Quote: 'Listen to your heart, really listen to your Heart, you might heart the voice of creator' Quote: 'Black woman you have be able to Love, what's has been deemed unloveable the black man.' Quote: 'Respect the elders, you will earn the respect of your peers.'

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Presco kapesi 26 November 2017

I want poems in negritude poems

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'' Black Consciousness Poetry is a movement that was started by four young men who established themselves as

arts. Through the art of poetry they came to a realization that they need to raise awareness on the injustices that continue to plague their people.''

Black Consciousness Poetry stands for:
a.Awareness: Being an African who ...

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