Blank Poem by GRANT FRASER


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0A life of dark surprises,
you could say
is underway,

for all of us...

the value of living
to be of some worth,
and not victimised
or hated,

yet so few are error
free, most of us,

especially for those
at liberty,

who utilise their thinking,

where thoughts crash,
a never ending cycle,

it's up to you
to decide
what plays, you?

it's the overlap,
or the mask
that eventually falls away,

any second...

for you will melt into
provide miniscule messages,
amidst your moves,

wrench your desires
back! back! back!
like impossible tigers,

life, I'm afraid,
is all like that,
and every face,
hardens, or startles,

flows past like a train...
all the same,

maybe there's just not
enough psychical smash,
in all this,

to be taken seriously...

for every missed chance,
of time,
your own, transcendental
moment, shifting clear...

is futile, and proof, of all you are,
despairing ghost of a self,

it has and will blow you away,
with all the great mystery,
and mastery, of it's historical hold,

I mean great thoughts,
crammed between stones,
of the brave, felled....

Sunday, February 9, 2020
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Soran M. H 10 February 2020

I have said it is true life without hate is so nice..and all the guiding ln this poem are perfect...but the wrestle in life between evel and good dead would never ending...brilliant and thanks for sharing this nice poem with us..

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Soran M. H 09 February 2020

I mean great thoughts, crammed between stones, of the brave, felled.... well done all these are true while the circle of life continuing,10 for this amazing piece of work thanks for sharing

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