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Hello every one, First of all thank you for your time spending with my poems. If I talk about me and poetry I should start from beginning:
From the early age I found the poetry as the special language of my soul, things could be expressed differently, and by the day when I grew up the life showed me its real face, then I realized that:
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26 December 2019

The poetry is the true language of our souls...

26 December 2019

To write a good poem try to avoid direct way of expressing and avoid the daily language.

27 December 2019

The length and numbers of poems doesn't make them good, unless it does complete its stages and born normally..

28 December 2019

Soran's poems are form an entity in themselves, Essentially they tell a collective story, a quest that is both physical and intellectual, the search if that is what it is, has not been an easy one and may still be continuing.

10 June 2020

It is difficult in this complex time for poetry to change the direction of life to better and calmer, or influence the decision of politicians, and this conclusion is what Arthur Rimbaud reached, but we can express tragedies in the language of poetry and sing for the oppressed people, and be creative or create a utopia world, the preferred republic so that everyone can enter it Without objection

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Shaun Cronick 24 December 2019

Soran M. H has already given poetry a legacy of finely crafted poems more valuable than gold. His poems radiate the genuine life and soul of goodness A brilliant. beautiful mind finely crafts engaging, heart felt poems to leave us spellbound Given freely and written with such honesty that captivates one and all. I sir am forever in your debt. May you and the loved ones around you live a long life filled with virtue. I wish you the best this life has to offer. And I thank your good self again.

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Mihaela Pirjol 26 February 2020

Your poetry is beyond what ''poetry'' is! I have read some of your poems, and I can only say, that the way in which you express your emotions, your feelings, your pathos, has a unique voice: to be appreciated in the world of Poetry.

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Shaun Cronick 05 February 2020

And I would like to add, Soran M. H has a wonderful and philosophical mind. Who can engage a reader to stop and think about any thought-provoking message Soran presents and thank all tender mercies for that. Soran gifts us also with great beauty we find in each line and verse of unique expression. I humbled to call him my friend and I truly love reading and reviewing his great works which shine for all. Thank you Soran, thank you so much.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 March 2020

SORAN M.H is a one of a kind and brilliant Poet. His poetry can take us to the realm of the dark side of life but there is always that tinge of Hope embedded in his marvelous pen. His knowledge in history and politics is evident in his poems. His pen bleeds incisive words on the cruelties of dark politics.

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Aso Hama 19 September 2019

great poem, by great poet Soran

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Bharati Nayak 31 October 2021

Poetry of Soran M.H. touches the heart deep within.His poems have layers of meanings with great metaphors and amazing poetic expression..The beauty, philosophy and depth of his poems will leave a reader spellbound.I wish him great success in his poetic journey!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 September 2020

Poet Soran sees beauty and poetry as it should be, clearly composed and perfectly worded and captured from the inside of his heart and mind. Poetry appears everywhere in Soran's world. Greatest applause for him. His poems touch our hearts. His great passion for poetry is glistening everywhere as soonest as we start to read his poems. Wishing you a great future ahead in poetry-world.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 31 August 2020

Soran M.H is a kind of Poet who could grip a reader from the first to the last drop of his pen. Congratulations, Soran , for being on the List of Most Popular Member Poets, Rank 11 (July 21-Aug.31) . An accolade you truly deserved.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 August 2020

Some poems create a beautiful picture in the mind and a deep emotion in the heart. However, the most memorable poems are those that have meaningful messages that give insight and convey universal truth about the human condition. Soran M.H's poems have all these wonderful qualities.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 March 2020

To this date, I have read all his 34 poems written in English language posted at Poem Hunter. His poems are of great depth and thought provoking. They can withstand the test of time.

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The Best Poem Of Soran M. H



There is a child inside
abandoned - for him
the nursery is a dream out of reach
where he could learn life's alphabet
from the beginning
When he is in the park
swings very fast like wants to fly
such a bird in the sky,
but those who don't understand
the language of poetry
laugh at him and say
"How foolish he is! "
There is a child inside
who will never grow up -
scares of: sticks, weapons
darkness and snakes
who wishes only for a bike
to ride the rainbow's road
and never come down -
but time will not
lend him a hand
the child inside me
never stops crying,
is always hungry

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Soran M. H Popularity

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