Eli J Tod

Blaq Soul - Poem by Eli J Tod

She is drawn to the warmth,
The smiles in their eyes

She came with the Wind
And is gone with the Tide

The Chill she brings
Is amazing and Delicious

Nobody notices
Her Poison is vicious

Solitary creature
Her Blaq Soul preys on love

Pristine as a Raven's wing
Feasting on a dove.

Armed with Jolie's lips and the eyes
Of a Tiger

Do not dare taunt her
You mess with a fighter

The Fire
Of her heart she hides

Down deep
A light none can see

Even Delirious in sleep
She used to be content

Dwelling in her Emptiness
Now she wails and weeps

While Lost
In reminisce.

For a heart
Came to her that she could not

A heart that stole her own

And taught her how to feel
Then it left one day

As selkies do

Leaving her to wonder
If the feelings she had were true

She Knows better
Then to hold

What's not her own
But Beware of the ocean

As she's Dancing in the foam
She is the ruler

Queen of the waves and

Only One mortal man
Can hold her

But he would never think
To try

Her Rage is at herself
Not knowing how to best Chance

Perceptive in the knowledge
Meeting was a Gift of providence

When she calms and quiets
The waves rocking and Still

The Elves and wood nymphs
Come visit her for a thrill

Though she is sweet and charming
Don't fall for that deception

She is the Tempest
Broken hearts

Don't obtain resurrection.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poem Edited: Saturday, November 27, 2010

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