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Bleak - Poem by Tex T Sarnie

I wouldn't like to live my life over again.
I've been to hell and back.
Several times, I've looked death in the face,
and each time the mirror's cracked.

I've done all the things I shouldn't have done,
and at the time I had no regrets,
but when I saw those spiders crawling over me,
ohhhh! ! ! I still suffer ice-cold sweats.

For longer than I liked I lived a life of solitude.
It was at this time that I lost my head.
I couldn't remember the past or cared about tomorrow,
in my mind I felt that I was already dead.

But I can remember shaking hands with the an odd looking man,
and I think that I sold him my soul.
I can't remember when he's supposed to collects what's owing,
but I'm frightened, and that thought leaves me cold.

Ever since that cloudy meeting, my life has dramatically improved,
however, I've been in this hospital for quite some time.
I've put on a few pounds, and I don't shake like I used to,
and the spiders have found me hard to find.

They told me this morning that I can leave tomorrow,
and they have found me a place to dwell.
I don't really want to live a life of solitude again,
and I'm scared that my soul will rot in hell.

I've told them how I feel, and what will happen to me,
but they just don't listen to what I say.
They say I'm being troubled by an over active imagination,
and I'll be alright in a couple of days.

This new place isn't so bad, and I'm not living here alone.
A resident care aid looks after all the live-in guests;
but it is quite odd, I swear I’ve met this man before,
but there again, lately I do find things easy to forget.

During the night someone knocked on my bedroom door,
and whispered that it was time to pay my debt.
I answered that I had paid my debt several times over to society,
and he said that it was my soul he was here to collect.

He entered my room and suggested that I lay on my bed as though sleeping.
Then said, that everyone has to pay their depts, and mine was overdue.
I was about to speak, but with a touch of his finger on my lips I was silenced,
and with his piercing red eyes, he whispered, “The next life is made for you.

Nod if you would like to see your life's highlights, before I take your soul? ”
For a moment I thought, and decided what would be the point of that.
I looked into his eyes, returned his smile, and moved my head slowly from side to side.
Immediately I felt my body drain, and knew I had breathed my last.

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