Uche Nwanze Poems

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8 Minutes 46 Seconds

Eight minutes, forty six seconds is all it took for my world to crash.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took for my tomorrow to be stolen.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, because of the colour of my skin.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, if only I were White.

Arise O Compatriots

I speak of a country by the Niger river,
I speak of a people, forlorn yet jocund.
I speak of a nation, innumerable like the stars in the galaxy.
I speak of a people, gifted by Mother nature, cursed by the gods.

After The Storm

After the Storm comes Calm.
After the Rain comes Sunshine.
After the Night comes Dawn.
After Darkness comes Light.

Army Of Locusts

I see a sea of heads walking on a fast lane.
Dreadful dreadlocks like a Nazarite with sturdy arms.
Hell has been let loose, the gates of Hades is broken and the fiendish underlings are unleashed on our world.
Patience is a word that does not exist in their lexicon.

The Invisible Enemy

Stealthily stealing from Mother Earth.
She strikes fear, brave hearts perspire.
Catching souls in her clutches of death.
Sweeping through the terrestrial plane, an avalanche of sorrow.

Thank You Mommy

Tribute to the best mom in the world.
A million thanks will never be enough.
A thousand diamond coins will not make up for everything.
Fragile yet so strong.

Love In Embryo

I have loved you in my head.
I have loved you in my heart.
I have loved you in my mind.
I have loved you in my dreams.

Sweet Potato

Something about this Special lady i met on this Sunny Sunday.
I met this Sweet, scintillating, special lady.
Her eyes blazed like the morning Sun.
She shone like the Northern star.

When I'm Gone

When i'm gone from this accursed place, do not lay wreaths or roses by my grave side, decorate my orchard today.

When I'm gone from this plane, do not pay glowing tributes or oration of how great I was, sing of my praises while I am still here.

Forty And Fabulous.

Life begins at forty, today I was born.
Yesterday swept by the wind.
Tomorrow, pregnant with hope.
A new chapter is about to be written.

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