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Eight minutes, forty six seconds is all it took for my world to crash.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took for my tomorrow to be stolen.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, because of the colour of my skin.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, if only I were White.

I speak of a country by the Niger river,
I speak of a people, forlorn yet jocund.
I speak of a nation, innumerable like the stars in the galaxy.
I speak of a people, gifted by Mother nature, cursed by the gods.

After the Storm comes Calm.
After the Rain comes Sunshine.
After the Night comes Dawn.
After Darkness comes Light.

I see a sea of heads walking on a fast lane.
Dreadful dreadlocks like a Nazarite with sturdy arms.
Hell has been let loose, the gates of Hades is broken and the fiendish underlings are unleashed on our world.
Patience is a word that does not exist in their lexicon.

Stealthily stealing from Mother Earth.
She strikes fear, brave hearts perspire.
Catching souls in her clutches of death.
Sweeping through the terrestrial plane, an avalanche of sorrow.

Tribute to the best mom in the world.
A million thanks will never be enough.
A thousand diamond coins will not make up for everything.
Fragile yet so strong.

I have loved you in my head.
I have loved you in my heart.
I have loved you in my mind.
I have loved you in my dreams.

Something about this Special lady i met on this Sunny Sunday.
I met this Sweet, scintillating, special lady.
Her eyes blazed like the morning Sun.
She shone like the Northern star.

When i'm gone from this accursed place, do not lay wreaths or roses by my grave side, decorate my orchard today.

When I'm gone from this plane, do not pay glowing tributes or oration of how great I was, sing of my praises while I am still here.

Life begins at forty, today I was born.
Yesterday swept by the wind.
Tomorrow, pregnant with hope.
A new chapter is about to be written.

Just like every day ordinary folks, just like any other day or so it seemed. Left they their homes with hugs and kisses, unaware it will be the last kiss.
Goodbyes were said, unconscious that farewell would have been apt.
Smile torn in shreds, Fear their companion.
Tomorrow, they never knew only a fantasy.


Let me be the sun to bring light to your life.
Let me be the oxygen to give air to your heart.
Let me be the fire that will burn every sadness in your life.
Let me be the rainbow that will add colour to your world.

What happens in your world is not what happens in mine. Looks oftentimes adorn herself in an apparel of deception.
Bruised but not crushed.
Broken but not shattered.
Down but not out.

What you see before you is not always as it seems.
All you have to do is look within.
Look behind the scene and you will see the untold story.
Behind every DARKNESS hides a beam of

In the trenches, they dig deep.
In harm's way they toil, murky waters they swim.
Along enemy lines they put their lives on the line.
In the heat of battle, they stick out their neck.


No need to CRY when you can TRY.
If you don't FRY how can it be DRY.
I hate to PRY else I will WRY.

If Tomorrow would come, should I fuss or should I fear.
If only i knew what colour Tomorrow would paint.
If tomorrow would show me her hand.
If only I knew what Tomorrow would birth.

Night of passion, my Nightmare.
I lust for her flesh like a voracious beast on a prowl.
Buried in my thoughts, if I could devour her sumptuous body.
Scavengers will hover round carcass, until his thirst be satisfied.

Their boisterous cheers make our hearts sing for joy. Even their beautiful tears will tear down Heaven's door.
Blessed are we with their flawless smiles, no grudge in their innocent hearts.
Delicate and naive hands toil and soil in the mud. With sheer industry they build sand castles like the Eiffel tower. Priceless pears bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.
Beautiful voices in a symphony, they chant under the blue sky. In euphoria they bask under the cover of the ageless sun, they bathe in ecstasy as the sky shed tear drops.

Life oft takes us to a road that leads to nowhere.
we find ourselves caught up in the middle.
Sinking in the deep blue sea or having dinner with the devil.
Between the love of a mother and the attention of a wife.

Uche Nwanze Biography

I am Ibo from Ibusa (pronounced as Igbuzor) in Oshimili North Local Government area of Delta state, Nigeria. I am married with three lovely kids. I am a graduate of Accounting, a poet, playwright, also a Compere, songwriter, Motivational Speaker and Social Commentator. Poetry is oxygen that the world desperately needs to exist and it paints a picture of the happy and not too happy moments of life. The ink has to be wet so we can tell a vivid story of life. Follow me on Twitter @charmingHarry)

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8 Minutes 46 Seconds

Eight minutes, forty six seconds is all it took for my world to crash.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took for my tomorrow to be stolen.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, because of the colour of my skin.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, if only I were White.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took for all my dreams to be taken away.
Eight minutes forty six seconds is all it took for my pursuit of happiness to vanish.
Eight minutes forty six seconds all it took to breathe my last.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, if only I could breathe.
Eight minutes forty six seconds is all it took for your voices to be heard.
Eight minutes forty six seconds and the world wakes up to our reality, it has always been with us.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, no one to respond to my call for help.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, is all it took for my American dream to die.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took to see Minneapolis no more.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, my forty six years on earth grind to a halt.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, I couldn't say goodbye to my two kids.
Eight minutes forty six seconds,suddenly the world realises black lives matter.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, my death turned into a campaign rally.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, my skin an object of ridicule to a relic for canonization.
Eight minutes forty six seconds is all it took.

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Ajushi Bridget 17 December 2018

Wonderful Poems my great PoetFriend

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Anthonia Isioma 15 September 2019

Nice one,👍

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

Thanks Jason, I am flattered.

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

Thanks Bree for your kind words

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Paul Nwanze 22 June 2021

Nice piece

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Uche Nwanze 25 June 2020

Thanks bunch Benny for stopping by.

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Benedicta 25 June 2020

Amen.... Very nice write ups... Well done

0 0 Reply
Uche Nwanze 15 January 2020

Thanks a million Kwesi, i really appreciate you stopping by to read and comment.

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Kwesi S. 15 January 2020

Great piece

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Uche Nwanze Quotes

Lord weed all impure and unholy thoughts in the garden of my heart and cultivate the seeds of pure and holy thoughts that I may harvest the fruits of holiness. Discard from the factory of my mind all toxic desires that I may manufacture by-products of love. Grease the wheels of my heart that i may control my emotions. Amen

Breaking new grounds begins with Breaking out of your shell, Breaking every barrier even if you have to break bones and old affiliations

The COMPASS gives you direction of where you wish to go. The MAP gives you the location of different places but the HEART is what leads you to your destination. Don't take your Heart for granted or you'll get to the wrong destination.

Necessity may be the Mother of Invention but Improvisation is the Father of Necessity.

It is not enough to think Big, dream Big or talk big. What matters at the end of the day is to Work Big, so you may become BIG

If you must be in the news or headlines it shouldn't be for the wrong reasons. Don't get yourself enmeshed in the murky waters of scandal. Your INTEGRITY is sacrosanct and PRICELESS. Don't mortgage it for anything or for the spur of the moment

If you lose Fame, you may get it back somehow. If you lose Fortune, you get it back someday but if you lose your HONOUR and RESPECT, you may NEVER get it back again.

I fear not my adversary because I know his strength, I know his Achilles's heel and I know his intentions. I fear my friend ' cos i ain't sure what lies behind his charming smiles.

Your actions may never be popular, your decisions may not receive widespread acceptance or accolades, not everyone will like your face. There will be some who will never see eye to eye with you. Don't fret yourself just do what makes you happy, do the right thing ' cos the world may never be on the same page as you all the time. JUST BE YOURSELF

Confidence will Catapult you into your Coronation.

anticipATE the antics of your adversary and never procrastinATE your sucker punch. Only then you can celebrATE victory.

Better to go through the pain today than to eventually die of the pain tomorrow

Better to make a wrong decision because you made the choice yourself than to make a right choice somebody took for you. Better to make a mistake making an effort than be flawless when someone else made the move for you.

Seek for that thing that makes you happy. Hold on to that thing or person that gives you happiness. Never let go of happiness no matter the situation you find yourself.

Lord, may my adversaries be pranKED like April fools. May i be flanKED by your angels on all sides.

When you destroy the bridge you used to cross to safe harbour, you just may need it tomorrow to cross to the other side.

You have to tell it to someone, you have to share it with that one person. You can only be free when you open the door for that person to come in, you can't carry the weight of the world in your heart alone, you've got to open up.

Life is not a popularity contest. The fact that you're famous doesn't mean you are right.

It is better to have a big mind than to have a big ego or bank account.

Music is an elixir for a troubled spirit. It is the oxygen for a depressed mind. The world is in dire need of good music.

True victory is not when you defeat your opponent when he is weak or vulnerable but when you go into a duel or beat him when he is at his best.

Old friends are expensive to keep but investment in new friends will yield less profit. So stick to your old friends, they were with you when you were nobody, new ones are oft born when your status change address

TRUE FRIENDS never turn their backs on you when you're in dire straits, they journey with you to the end. REAL FRIENDS are there with you from the blast of the whistle but may change alliances when you're at your wits end.

Don't act like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, your current situation was somebody's predicament yesterday.

Only PERSEVERANCE and HARD WORK will take you to your summit no matter the mountain or hurdle in your life. Daunting challenges shouldn't deter you but spur you to climb. So keep climbing until you get to the top.

Why feed the beast of DESPAIR when you can get drunk with the sweet wine of HOPE. Why sing the dirge of MELANCHOLY when you can dance to the symphony of SELF BELIEVE.

The evil you turn a blind eye to yesterday will blind your eyes tomorrow. The cry for help you pay deaf ears to today will give you insomnia tomorrow.

The Magnitude of your Attitude will take you to a high Altitude.

The Frugality of Morality is the Natality of the Fatality of the human race.

Patience is like batteries. They wane or run down occasionally. It should be recharged regularly if you want to have a happy life.

A coward is he who when dark clouds gather will hibernate in his cocoon. The valiant is he who rather waits for the torrents or tear drops from the sky.

Have you ever wondered why the hen is always on the run when the cock chases her but succumbs for him in the end? It is not that she doesn't like to be mated, It is because she wants the rooster to sweat and work for the prize.

Greed is when you desire the Sun and crave for the Moon. Selflessness is when you allow the Sun to shine not only on your farm but on your neighbours.

It doesn't matter how many times you fall or how many times you get knocked out, what matters is how many times you muster the strength to get up and fight back

Victory only comes to those who wipe their tears, dust themselves, get up and fight

It is better to make a mistake by trying than being blameless by not trying.

Never quit or give up because you hit rocks on your path, you just have to keep digging until you find Gold. ©

Don't get drunk with the wine of Pride, or you will be consumed by the inferno of annihilation and gravity.

Tomorrow can only come when you don't get haunted by your Yesterday and refused to get stuck in your Today.

Once you have decided to Exodus into Tomorrow, leave nothing behind that will make you turn back or return to Sodom and Gomorrah.

No matter how beautiful where you're coming from, it cannot be as exciting as where you're moving to. No matter how sweet your Egypt is, it cannot be as tasty as the Canaan that lies ahead.

Sometimes when you're so used to winning, you oft forget what it means to lose. When you're used to been up, it becomes awkward to find yourself down the food chain.

Either you jump in the Bus or jump being the Boss.

Life is a game of chess, you Make a wrong move, you will Take a lifetime of regret.

If you don't Eke a living in the morning, don't expect to Rake a fortune in the evening.

For your Sake don't Fake it because in the end, you will wind up in the Lake.

My fear is not falling down, my greatest fear is getting back on my feet. I fear not how to run, I dread not reaching the finish line.

We always look back at the miles we have sojourned but oft forget the steps that lie ahead of us.

If you can't follow, then you can't lead. If you don't take orders, don't expect to give orders.

Religion may be the opium of a people, it is also the catalyst for indolence.

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