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I am Ibo from Ibusa (pronounced as Igbuzor) in Oshimili North Local Government area of Delta state, Nigeria. I am married with three lovely kids. I am a graduate of Accounting, a poet, playwright, also a Compere, songwriter, Motivational Speaker and Social Commentator.
Poetry is oxygen that the world desperately needs to exist and it paints a picture of the happy and not too happy moments of life. The ink has to be wet so we can tell a vivid story of life.
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Uche Nwanze Poems

8 Minutes 46 Seconds

Eight minutes, forty six seconds is all it took for my world to crash.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, all it took for my tomorrow to be stolen.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, because of the colour of my skin.
Eight minutes forty six seconds, if only I were White.

Arise O Compatriots

I speak of a country by the Niger river,
I speak of a people, forlorn yet jocund.
I speak of a nation, innumerable like the stars in the galaxy.
I speak of a people, gifted by Mother nature, cursed by the gods.

After The Storm

After the Storm comes Calm.
After the Rain comes Sunshine.
After the Night comes Dawn.
After Darkness comes Light.

The Invisible Enemy

Stealthily stealing from Mother Earth.
She strikes fear, brave hearts perspire.
Catching souls in her clutches of death.
Sweeping through the terrestrial plane, an avalanche of sorrow.

Army Of Locusts

I see a sea of heads walking on a fast lane.
Dreadful dreadlocks like a Nazarite with sturdy arms.
Hell has been let loose, the gates of Hades is broken and the fiendish underlings are unleashed on our world.
Patience is a word that does not exist in their lexicon.

Uche Nwanze Quotes

14 June 2017

Lord weed all impure and unholy thoughts in the garden of my heart and cultivate the seeds of pure and holy thoughts that I may harvest the fruits of holiness. Discard from the factory of my mind all toxic desires that I may manufacture by-products of love. Grease the wheels of my heart that i may control my emotions. Amen

25 June 2017

Breaking new grounds begins with Breaking out of your shell, Breaking every barrier even if you have to break bones and old affiliations

09 December 2018

The COMPASS gives you direction of where you wish to go. The MAP gives you the location of different places but the HEART is what leads you to your destination. Don't take your Heart for granted or you'll get to the wrong destination.

09 December 2018

Necessity may be the Mother of Invention but Improvisation is the Father of Necessity.

13 December 2018

It is not enough to think Big, dream Big or talk big. What matters at the end of the day is to Work Big, so you may become BIG

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Ajushi Bridget 17 December 2018

Wonderful Poems my great PoetFriend

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Anthonia Isioma 15 September 2019

Nice one,??

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

Thanks Bree for your kind words

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

Thanks Jason, I am flattered.

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Paul Nwanze 22 June 2021

Nice piece

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Uche Nwanze 25 June 2020

Thanks bunch Benny for stopping by.

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Benedicta 25 June 2020

Amen.... Very nice write ups... Well done

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Uche Nwanze 15 January 2020

Thanks a million Kwesi, i really appreciate you stopping by to read and comment.

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Kwesi S. 15 January 2020

Great piece

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