P.R. Prosper

Bleeding Hearts - Poem by P.R. Prosper

There’s no fight worth more than the fight
To keep pigs from gulping the light
And making the rest of the world follow
In the mess they leave behind to wallow

Or against the dogs who kindly obey
Orders to fetch and attack master’s prey
Don’t forget peacocks who can be so dumb
As to put war hawks to lead peaceful fronts

Picking and clawing at trust in the crowds
Marshal them all into the wolf’s jowls
It’s a fight that’s worth ev’ry threat
Because life is worth ev’ry breath

Be it ostrich, lion, and all the sheep
Jackass hyenas who chuckle to sleep
Do not give up from what little birds say
Or let foxes con you out of a day

The bulls will blindly charge forth to destroy
Any colony that doesn’t deploy
While pack rats acquire more than they need
And raccoons must steal their meals to feed

This fight must continue on all forms of land
Until the brave gnat and the bold eagle can
Do as they feel, no loss of advantage
Living a life without collateral damage

It’s very hard work and always seems like
A big waste of time and not worth the fight
The feelings it brings keeps the eyes watered
But the heart grows stronger and does not falter

Money and power can only rule when
Empathy cashes all its dues in
And caring takes a backseat in stretch limos
Just to wave back at the world thru tint windows

Don’t throw a cynical gaze down at the dirt
Kicking it, saying, “What is it worth? ”
It will be difficult and hurt to cope
And only impossible if there’s no hope

Our hearts bleed for the injustice and capers
Against the poor for a few clips of paper
And for all countries crippled for growing pains
Man is born free but is everywhere in chains

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poem Edited: Friday, October 10, 2008

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