From Me To You Poem by P.R. Prosper

From Me To You

Rating: 2.7

Make another soul happy, rewards divine
Cast eternal sunshine and a spotless mind
Not words to live by but my river in time
Won’t run dry if you think of these few lines

Once or twice, roll the dice and gamble with life
It’s a shame it’s a game with no end in sight
Don’t seek fame in a name that don’t fit right
All troubles must pass, it’ll be alright
Time’s a best friend and worst foe
It loves to linger
There’s always more than enough
Slipping through ya fingers
Breathe like a singer and keep a song in your heart
Stand on your own two in a crew
Or stand apart

Don’t give up your rules to be seen as smart
Accept all colors like a canvas with art
Yearn to learn to discern
That's where wisdom starts
Keep your thoughts at noon and nothing is too far
If you shoot past the moon you’ll still be with the stars
Get out and travel more often than cars

Forget to remember the bad days
Remember to forget the worst ones
No matter how much the hurt weighs
Maintain vision all around
But always look to the front

Don’t cash your chips in cause of friendly grins
Loyalty can be as strong or as thin as the wind
Crying and screaming scared from your 1st breath
Death doesn’t fear you, so you shouldn’t fear death

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