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This was inspired by the Beatles song of the same name

Words are flowing out like endless streams into a paper cup
They stand and sigh and soon they slip away

Teasing the populace
A few in the acropolis lean back and forth
To a new opulent apocalypse
Profit margins monstrous

I could’ve been known more than Snoop or Labradors
But I dodged hard work’s horns like a matador
I heard someone knocking but I ignored the door
Now I’m pacing up and down this corridor

A man lost within the seams of his dreams
Himself gazing into the face of the TV screen
Flashes of a scene blink a wild child


It’s a miracle what it takes to be thought as an adult
So many rules told to follow like young children in occults
Suffer heart wrenching pain and go hungry for assaults
Spend more time on money and stack happiness in vaults

An ode to the lifeblood of society both past and present
The multitude of souls who break their spirits to present
Many invisible services to residents who resent
The smell of soiled clothes without their written consent

Make another soul happy, rewards divine
Cast eternal sunshine and a spotless mind
Not words to live by but my river in time
Won’t run dry if you think of these few lines

She watches over us from the confines of space
Ethereal finger on the button if our faith gets misplaced
He guides our destiny and forgives us all our errors
Through visual reminders of his everlasting terrors

It was on a sunny day when I was to run and play
A pick up game on a team, one was home, one away
We stayed out in the park until well beyond dark
It was no big deal cause the streetlights were sparked

Buy, buy, buy
Baby, you need it all that’s not a lie

You have the right to smoke a pack

Load up your weapons and pray to your throne
You’re here for murder, leave your conscience at home
Keep your wits about you and don’t make many friends
Just point click and shoot and you might see your end

Illegal drugs and a cache of weapons
Get dropped off and pointed in the direction
Of lost dreams broadcast on widescreens
For seconds

Footsteps in the dark marching on the hearts
Of the stark winter terrain that was the family’s farm
Food shortage in the barn malnutrition starts to harm
No cream or proteins to stabilize their cells

She arrived in the diner with her posse behind her
And ordered her food like she was on a timer
Looking way finer, a major not minor
She was flashing her cash like ocean liners

He was sitting on the bus his self esteem in the dust
When he asked an old man if sadness is a must
If he can’t make the money then he’s sure to lose his honey
Hasn’t eaten all day you could probably hear his tummy

Love is not blind; love is blinding
As in
It makes you ignore all the flaws
Of your loved one that would otherwise cause

Patience for what you want and what you have will soon flourish
Laughing in the sun’s eclipse is a sign of true courage
Close your eyes, hold your breath, and run see
The importance your mind and body places on money

Am I the dream, or am I the dreamer?
Is everything as it seems?
Or is the grass really greener?
Examining my wounds and invisible scars

I am everything
Man, I am everything
I reign more than clouds
I am above every king

I one looked into the eyes

Of a man who wasn’t there

P.R. Prosper Biography

I am the continuing evolution of who I was yesterday. That's a quote that I came up with a couple years ago and I think it has remained relevant to this day. I am a socially conscious person, therefore, many of my poems reflect my observations on society. I currently live in Florida, but I have traveled overseas several times and seen the subtle differences and abundance of similarities between foreign peoples and U.S. citizens. We're alike, but most of us just don't know it. Sometimes I focus on my personal experiences, but that often feels too selfish, so I apply it to the world and see where it fits. I also try to learn something new every now and again to keep the brain elastic and make it easier to write about any subject, regardless of how meaningless or boring it may seem to me. I think that is a great exercise to broaden not only the vocabulary, but also my knowledge base. I always enjoy reading Shakespeare. I am a funny guy at heart, so it's quite likely that I'll inject a little humor into what I put down, even if it's as sarcastic as a loveless marriage.)

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Across The Universe

This was inspired by the Beatles song of the same name

Words are flowing out like endless streams into a paper cup
They stand and sigh and soon they slip away
Across the universe
Through tomorrow drains today an open mind locked in a grave
Unwilling to relinquish me

*Jai guru deva, nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world

Images of broken light which dance before me like
A million eyes they blink and I am gone
Across the universe
Desperation touches joyous feelings fluttering about
From here to there and in between they’re lost
Across the universe
Vision walking in a life unfurled within a restless void
Unlimited and bound to none they run
Across the universe
Dreams left sleeping in a space awakened by a crying heart
I'm patiently waiting for me
Across the universe

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