Mr. Tale

Blissful Youth - Poem by Mr. Tale

He saw a beautiful little girl just wanting to hold her hand
He looked into her eyes sparkling over a rainbow of sand
He thought he could give her truth
Reminding her a seemingly forgotten youth

Give me a chance and I'll take you over the fence,
Craved the young boy through his naïve lance
I'll let you see the other side of being alive
Thinking the lucky number was five

Talking over the phone he thought he heard a smile
Telling her to stop the trial
Wondering how it would be to grant her forgiveness
He thought he was the only witness

The justice on his shoulders turned a bit hazy
Through the watchful eyes of that little-old lady
Giving a seal of regret in a sea full of horrors
And ask her to know that which follows

He listened carefully as the land set forth the tide
And knew that to clean up, the rain would decline
Watching both sides clearing the view
A godly wish to be put on a man with no clue

He seemed assured to pick her up straight to heaven
So the white rose would neglect the dirty raven
And as the meeting grew longer
The horizon of his wings started to morn her

Setting up the sides to a speech of remorse
The ambitious rider missed the cue of his loyal horse
Cruising down an alley of hopes crushing down
The king has decided the knight to remove his crown

Going back near the door
Turned the coward to face the floor
Thinking he lost his sign
Oh, readers, pity the shade for his will to shine

And as a dove is being sent towards the sky
It seems as the she is met with a lazy cry
We departed towards a road of two ways
Only one looked towards the other's mud maze

Ignorance as a blessing of the weak
Would surely cause her heart to lick
So when the time is right
The swift judge would parry the light

And as the prosecution released its final solution
The earthly mellow became strict and shallow
And for that everything seemed to halt
In respect of a liar guessing who carries the fault

Life's infant had a plan of attack
Through a fork she blew him out of his sack
She couldn't see he only wanted to help

After a while she went back to the store in a rush
As the rich man stood firm on all four to watch
His good friend had places his hands close to her eyes
It's amazing how poor thieves always wonder around with knives

So as nature's result of an un-divined sentence was given
A nice woman's key back to her home remained hidden
She asked for assistance, calling close from a distance
The rich, wise, judge-king couldn't solve even this
Since the young boy, once a man, saw the calm three-way treachery of her first kiss
And from the side, the look on his friend's face signaled his own missed eternal bliss

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 21, 2009

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