Patrick Tincher

Blood And Vinegar - Poem by Patrick Tincher

Two forces amass at a sacred hollow
One benign the other full of malice
One full of love the other hate
Knights in shining chain mail
Monsters as black as the storm stricken sky
A sky seething boiling black clouds rolling across the heavens
An arm shot up the knights came to a halt
They ducked down and arrows droned over their heads
With piercing cries the beasts were impaled
Many fell to this onslaught
Alas countless more loped to encircle the chivalrous knights
Surrounded with an unstoppable number the knights knew they would meet their maker
They themselves created a circle facing out
Faces grim eyes set the champions drew their weapons
Arrows buzzed over the knights’ heads
Cutting a bloody swath through the innumerable horde of beasts
Shrill whines erupted from the mouths of the monsters
The red gleam leaving their eyes
With a shrieking outcry the beasts rushed towards the dead set knights
Claws like daggers extended
Long yellow teeth bared the fiends leapt through the air
Shields raised the heroes deflected the snarling antiheroes
Bringing their swords up many fiends were disemboweled
Then the rain started to fall in torrents soaking everything
The incoming mass slipped and slid on blood and water
Water dripping form matted hair the knights fought
Desperate for their lives
Bounding through the torrential rain
The monsters slashed the throats of several knights
Suddenly through the hoard a hulking behemoth came forward
Bowling knights over throwing them over its hulking shoulder
The beast of beasts caused a ruckus
A lone knight stood in its way
A circle was created
One side love the other hate
With teeth gnashing and solemn stares the two adversaries circled
Their eyes were set
One pulsating murder the other emanating calmness
One angry red the other piercing blue
With a cry of “blood and vinegar! ” the knight rushed forward
With a horrific bellow the beast leapt through the sky
With a cry of pain the two bodies met
The jarring impact broke the hero’s shield
The antihero seemed unharmed
Circling again the beast’s mouth formed a wicked smile
Yellow crooked teeth bared in a sneer
The hero dropped down on one knee
Attempting to pry a shield from a dead man’s hand
The monster bounded to the knight intent of ripping the knight’s head from his shoulders
The champion quickly stood facing this monstrosity
In a flashing arc his sword came round
The beast lost some fur in an attempt to dodge
Sword whirling the knight swung
Ropey entrails plopped to the ground
Looking up the hero saw the horde flee
Their will drained
With a shout the other knights turned and chased the fleeing mob
Cutting down many the day was won

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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