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Blooded Soaked Tears - Poem by nero tepes

as a lost soul wakes ashes lay around her
as she looks up the sun has turned silver
while the rain doesn't stop a memory floods back
while her heart aches tears tremble down her face
as a lullaby plays around her child hood comes to mind
with the yelling echos through the walls around
as the lullaby plays around her goes silent
as she opens the door broken bottles lay on the floor
her eyes look around her seeing a blade as she screams
that could chill anyone's bones around
as the silence finally breaks with shaking knees
she lose her strength as her sanity finally breaks
while the tears dry up that day a smile fades
just like the wind with the same smell of ashes around her
tears turns dry once more as she walks through a grave yard
alone all around all that can be seen are crows
other then a little boy with a twisted smile
within sparkles in his eyes that faded
just like her smile on that night
as his laugh echoes around while
the moonlight shines over them they finally fade
like his sanity and smile
leaving just a memory of ashes and screams
after this night a curse uproots
as the girls parents wake one night
to see around them silver fire around
all they can smell are ashes and blood
they survive this night but in the morning
lays their daughters body covered in cuts
but she wasn't scared on her face
their was a twisted smile of satisfaction
as they wonder this night what went wrong

Topic(s) of this poem: insanity

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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