Bluebird Poem by John Burroughs


Rating: 4.8

A wistful note from out the sky,
'Pure, pure, pure,' in plaintive tone,
As if the wand'rer were alone,
And hardly knew to sing or cry.

But now a flash of eager wing,
Flitting, twinkling by the wall,
And pleadings sweet and am'rous call,-
Ah, now I know his heart doth sing!

O bluebird, welcome back again,
Thy azure coat and ruddy vest
Are hues that April loveth best,-
Warm skies above the furrowed plain.

The farm boy hears thy tender voice,
And visions come of crystal days,
With sugar-camps in maple ways,
And scenes that make his heart rejoice.

The lucid smoke drifts on the breeze,
The steaming pans are mantling white,
And thy blue wing's a joyous sight,
Among the brown and leafless trees.

Now loosened currents glance and run,
And buckets shine on sturdy boles,
The forest folk peep from their holes,
And work is play from sun to sun.

The downy beats his sounding limb,
The nuthatch pipes his nasal call,
And Robin perched on tree-top tall
Heavenward lifts his evening hymn.

Now go and bring thy homesick bride,
Persuade her here is just the place
To build a home and found a race
In Downy's cell, my lodge beside.

Sylvia Frances Chan 21 April 2021

2) well-read layered and loaded, beautiful metaphors, a real nature poem, about various favorite birds of the great poet. Very nice poem! Congratulations for the Classic Poem Of The Day!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 April 2021

1) The poem about the blue bird, the poet's most loved ones are the birds on his farm where he grew up as a child, the meadows nearby,

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 21 April 2021

Beautifully written with compelling imagery

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 21 April 2021

A beautiful poem with great imagery.

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John Burroughs

John Burroughs

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