Break Away From Your Perdition Illusion Poem by John Sensele

Break Away From Your Perdition Illusion

Arise from shackles of darkness
Sometimes choking your light
Pinching happiness and meekness
Coercing you against your will to fight

Light as the way to salvation you choose to lose
Amid shadows in your doors that lengthen
For no reason as your serenity they bruise
To lose direction when you fail to strengthen

The faith that insulates gout and doubt
In terms of tribulations and trials
Sneaking away when sprouts of clout
In miasmas of betrayals and mistrials

Catch you off guard
When providence pleas enjoin you to retrace steps
Back home, back to basics where once again you regard
Faith and communion as verity pillars whose footsteps

Strengthen knees gone groggy
Assailed by misdirection and misconception you nurture
Egged on by illusions and delusions in foggy
Seasons and prisons that your conscience they capture and rupture

Leaving you a mere shell bereft of the spiritual stuff
That once rescued you from vacillation
When the going went tough
Springing an oscillation mission

You ought to vaporize
When on bended knees
You pray for spiritual help to realize
You way back to the fold where salvation keys

Direct you to swim once again in waters of formidable faith
That renews your reason and vision
As you brace to grace Spirit of Truth in every breath
You take to break away from your perdition illusion.

Thursday, May 31, 2018
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John Sensele

John Sensele

Ndola, Zambia
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