nishca koeries

Broken Lullaby - Poem by nishca koeries

'...on the shore
Of the wide world I stand alone...'

My ever-drowning soul
Does long to live when Keats writ
And lived
To soak up such beauty in words
Such unreflecting love
A love set alight by poetic words
An undying love

Much unlike this loveless age
Absent of Shakespeare's
Ever-going untold tale of a Lover's Complaint
A lover not yet his to take

My mind contains an unending quarrel
My thoughts pulled hither
And thither
By vice and by virtue
Virtue, with its decreasing strength

A mindless darkness dragging me down
Pulling me closer
It's nails tearing into my flesh
Away from undying love

Amidst this loveless age
Honesty lurks
While desire flourishes
I shut my vision
Restricting lust to enter my heart
To conquer my mind
To destroy my soul
To blacken it until I am no longer whole

My broken lullaby is now writ
When the sun has set
And light no longer blinds me
No longer exposes me

A lullaby to console
But how will it console when it
Too, like me
Is broken
Beyond repair

A lullaby this broken offers no refuge
No love
No fairy tale-like wonder
Or passion...

I am alive in an age where love does surrender
To earthly beasts
With cog-in-a-machine smiles
Vows that in lust, dissolve into nothingness
Unending critique
Unkind words
And desolate souls...

Unfix'd remains my broken lullaby
Shut is my vision as if to stifle my cry

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 14, 2013

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 15, 2013

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