Broken Pain Poem by Kezang Dawa

Broken Pain

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Why do you
Often come
In my mind?
Since our love
Broke up
Ages ago,
Nothing is
Left with me,
Only broken pieces.
Every ache I suffered
Was cured and gone. Through that
Broken pain I have shone.
Though our love took a year,
It seems like a day.
Left behind tragedy,
And meek words in an
Epistle written to thee;
Even sowed poems through my tears
That swept through my words
For you to come back some days;
Now the indelible memory
Has evoked my mind
In the heart of the one,
Whom you have left behind.
I shall weep through my heart
Till my tears bleed in blood;
Let her to know the rhythm
Of my true love
This detriment heart echoed;
From the edge of one another' sorrow
Through the wall beside you laid.
The years had been trod,
Many months has been taken
From the one whom
You have left unpaid.
But it seems she won't ever come back,
Then she perished into a lone yore.
Waited behind her perished love
Those lingering memories alive;
To the heart of this poet,
Lagging behind the depth of despair.
I wish no more is gone forever,
The truth of love from her side,
Perished into another's heart,
Won't ever to come back,
Broken apart;
What I hope of her
Was just abandoned.
Nevertheless this poem
Will remain as legacy
Forever in the heart of a girl,
Whom I have loved a lot.
Come and wipe the tears
That I have wept alone for you.

Kezang Dawa

Monoj Panday 28 April 2013

Nice poem dear poet, I like it

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