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Distressed out

Look back see ahead

I was just six when
My mom was no more;

(My essence, the love of my life)

In you I find the reason to love and live,
My hopes, my aspirations, my inspirations, my belief,


How can
I ever forget your

Come, my beloved, let us walk through this garden
Where lots of bees enchanting with the nature
Life of bees has got the life in the heaven
And placed it on the peach and citrus tree

Four seasons
Spring is a happy season
Flowers bloom and bird twitter
Seed germinate

Lock your heart

Why did I fall?
In love

My mother land

Druk yul is my mother land,
Where I was fortunate


Even the blunt knife can give a deadly cut


Oh! My happiest moment
Went with the cool breeze

Why do you
Often come
In my mind?
Since our love

Life is mortal to every age
Human a guest for a short stage
People laugh and shed tears
Families die on beloved laps

The lone tear
Glittering behind the window pane
a droplet of tear fall;
all wet in the heat of the sun;

Love and lessons

I reclined under a shed of a lonely tree. And the memory of the past streamed in like dream. She left me when she found a wealthy man, not so long ago. I haven't forgotten my love yet. I can never erase her from my mind, it seems. I've tried, because it's so hard not being with her. But she won't ever come back. That much I am sure. I see her everywhere, always. I take a walk, and her beautiful image is everywhere. On the sidewalks, on the rocks, in the trees. In the voices of the people who pass by.

Raindropp rhapsody
It's refreshing to have rainfall
After long dry days,
For plants get watered

Every time I missed you
Since the day has gone;
All now gone is now done.

Remember them
If you all have the heart of a man
The legend of the heritage kings

Rigden was a class-X dropout student of Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary. His ambition in life was to become a doctor. But after the death of his father in a tragic car accident, he had to leave school and help his mother and two little sisters. One of his chores was to take the cattle to the forest. Without his father, Rigden could not do anything in life and he felt as if there was no meaning to his existence. He, however, love to listen to music, play mobile games and send messages to unknown numbers.

The next morning was clear and sunny, the birds sang happily, and the sharpness of the cricket’s whistling echo was so pleasant. But Rigden felt bored as nothing exciting was happening around him. Suddenly, he remembered one of his friends at school and felt like talking to him. But when he dialed his friend’s number, the mobile was I a switch off mode. Rigden thought his friend might be busy at school. Therefore, he decided to send a message instead.

I walked near the prayer flags
Thinking someone would be there near,
That ridge seem to be align with many prayer flags
The wind flapped all the prayer wide and afar

Ode to death
In your eyes, I wither old,
Bade farewell to old, germinate to new
Yesterday never comes, today can’t hold

Kezang Dawa Biography

My name is Kezang Dawa i am from BHUTAN presently i am working as driver in Bhutan Corporation limited, my qualification is only 8th standard. I have to stop my study due to of my father death in 1997. My hobby is to write simple Poem, story, article, jock, riddle. skit, drama, lots more. With love and regards to all the readers,)

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Distress Out

Distressed out

Why I was born in this world

Into a broken home?

I wish I could have died

Before leaving the womb.

My life is a jock: a living tomb.

I've searched high and low

Through the window of my world.

To find my long lost mom and dad.

Where are you?
Have I been had?

Set apart, my heart feels spread.

Oh God! Help me find my folks and

Free my soul from all unspoken,

I may as well not be alive:

It's like living without light.

Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

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