Look Back See Ahead Poem by Kezang Dawa

Look Back See Ahead

Rating: 3.3

Look back see ahead

I was just six when
My mom was no more;
Still can be seen my
Mother's gravestone,
A bit away from
The old home shed:
From her ashes a
Flower garden instead.
Though I can hardly remember her,
The scent in the air,
The song of birds,
Sounds of nature,
Brings her memory to bear.
I recall my mother barely at all,
As if through distant portal.
I sent my eyes through this window
Into a world I can never know.
Yet I feel her stillness near,
Her whispers I almost hear;
Don't let myself down
In loss and pain;
Knowing next life we'll meet again.

Sd Tiwari 12 August 2011

Nifcely writen good poem. I give full marks,

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Rigzin Namgyal 20 May 2012

..wonderfully penned...how much you long for ur mother...thats has been beautifully put into words... ..great work..

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Michelle Claus 20 May 2014

I'm sorry that you lost your mother at the tender age of 6. Your mother would have loved this poem, I'm certain of it.

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Anil Kumar Panda 20 May 2014

very nice.remembering your mother you have dropped a nice poem.liked it.

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Gajanan Mishra 20 May 2013

knowing next life we will meet again, good write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Jayne Davies 20 May 2013

Beautiful! Well done x

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Rigzin Namgyal 20 May 2012

..ur emotions wonderfully put into words...

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