Headlights Poems: 54 / 500

Broken Philosophy

Rating: 3.0

People never know what they want,
they don't know what to do when to do it how to do it why to do it or who to do it with.
the world carries on begrudgingly wondering
where the hell has all the love gone?
there is no kindness in open sight
and that there is would be a fright,
some cretin somewhere would feast
like a pathetic demonic beast
as to what dinner life had bestowed,
the life of all will not matter
come hell or high water
this world will flood with vengeance and hate
like a never ending rain.
feel the bloody taste on your lips,
watch out for the swinging hips
everyone needs to start becoming kinder
because no where can i see a caring soul,
this life has carved them out as if a scar
and plucked out the hope by the time we've become
whatever kind of screwed up child
of a very disappointed god,
where do we turn now?
the tunnel is forever dark,
the only headlights broken down and scattered
like the philosophy of the twenty-first century,
please help shed some light
into the crusted over eyes of the blind
and leave those who do not see be
for they more than all know what i say
to be unforgivingly true.