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Accepting Death

Yes i'm afraid
that once more they are gone
and you cannot escape
that you are now alone,

Broken Philosophy

People never know what they want,
they don't know what to do when to do it how to do it why to do it or who to do it with.
the world carries on begrudgingly wondering
where the hell has all the love gone?

A Happy Poem

no, this is not.
nope, not in the least
not at all not even a smidgen.
you see for me this is,

An Old Kind Of Love

i was once a top the moon
watching over everything
as i started to climb
i fell, falling through space and time


I'm away too long
once more i miss her calming sounds,
the ocean my lover
who dwells in her own

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I go by Rain, as I've gotten older I continue to write to my very best. Time gets sparse but, with so much going on in my life, I return to my favorite release. I love reading poetry I love writing poetry, I love nature, and things that make me smile. I do not like things that upset the ones I love. I'm a very simple person surrounded by a storm of complexity.

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